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  1. 📈 Mustang December 2021 Sales & Production Numbers: 4,564 Sold / 7,495 Produced

    Your are assuming cars are sold in the month they are produced. I would imagine there is a several month delay between production and sale of a vehicle.
  2. 📈 Mustang December 2021 Sales & Production Numbers: 4,564 Sold / 7,495 Produced

    Those are mustangs, they don't breakdown each trim level for each vehicle.
  3. Mustang Dyno Numbers

    You need to include more details on your setup. How much boost? What fuel? Also, did you datalog your dyno pulls? That would tell you if there were a problem.
  4. Supercharger....which one?

    It does on Gen 2, not sure on Gen 3.
  5. Supercharger....which one?

    He said timing cover. Procharger requires you to grind the timing cover for the HO kit, which is funny because one of their big selling points is how it is reversible and no permanent modifications are required. It literally takes 5 minutes with an angle grinder though, not a big deal at all.
  6. Centri Boys, Need Your Wisdom!

    I can't speak for others, but I chose Procharger because I liked where it mounts. It makes installation and maintenance easier. If that is not important to you than Paxton would give you more power for the money.
  7. Has anyone given thought to this monumental change that’s about to occur? In less than 2 years…

    EV's are not the future. Drive through any big city and you will see the streets lined with cars. You will see apartments and condos with parking lots and parking decks full of cars. Even in the subdivisions many houses have 2-3 cars in the driveway or street. How would these vehicles get...
  8. How common are issues with billet OPGs?

    If only I had a time machine to go back to the 16th.
  9. How common are issues with billet OPGs?

    Another interesting post about the CS: The claim is that the stock CS holds up just as well if not better than aftermarket. He also says the cause of failure is detonation. So I think you may be right.
  10. How common are issues with billet OPGs?

    Looks like aftermarket has the same issue:
  11. Road rage incident

    Yes, but on the flip side I can do 20 over in the fast lane and I will still get tailgated by bmws, civics, or lifted trucks.
  12. Procharger whp expectation?

    Follow up... I finally got the car dyno'd. I ended up using a BAP and DW95 injectors. Numbers are actually a little lower than I expected, thought they would be higher since they are using STD and I had Boostane in the tank. In the ballpark I was figuring though. 622whp on the first pull...
  13. How common are issues with billet OPGs?

    Add this to the list....this one is what inspired this thread.
  14. E85
  15. How common are issues with billet OPGs?

    How many miles have you had them for?
  16. Lund racing tune

    I wouldn't hesitate to use 5 star, they have a good reputation. I have used VMP multiple times because they tune with SCT and it has always been a good experience. I'm sure Lund is great but I'm too lazy to learn a new device and software.
  17. How common are issues with billet OPGs?

    I have been doing a lot of research on this and here is what I have gathered... The aftermarket gears are made of a softer and less brittle material. This is good for preventing catastrophic failure, but not so good for long term wear. Some sources say that the billet gears are really for...
  18. How common are issues with billet OPGs?

    I have spent many hours researching OPG/CS failures and aftermarket billet replacements. I have actually found more cases of people having issues with their aftermarket OPGs vs cases of failure (on coyotes). The two common issues were galling of the gear surface (and the metal flakes it leaves...
  19. Procharger club

    The wait will give you time to set aside a money for a custom tune, injectors, and a BAP that you will inevitably want. I recently installed the P1x HO kit on my car. Some guys have had good luck with the Procharger tune, but I think most are not happy with it. Drivability was pretty poor And...
  20. 2 datalogs done back to back, look totally different

    Traction control was on for datalog 1, and off on datalog 2. I did read that torque source 1 - torque truncation, does use fuel to limit torque. I did a third datalog and got torque source 1, but the car went into power enrichment and everything seemed normal. I will double-check the BOV...