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  1. 900+ Horsepower Shelby GT500KR Revealed to Celebrate Shelby American's 60th Anniversary

    Biggest reason I sold mine. Loved the car but couldn't deal with the poor craftsmanship.
  2. Ford Performance Debuts Shelby GT500 Carbon Fiber Upgraded Exterior Parts

    But the GT500 has two clutches.:rockon:
  3. Well.... looky what i got on ebay part 2

    Was it the original coating on the wheels from signature that's not durable or the repair from the local shop? I was seriously thinking about getting a set of SV902 in Brushed Bronze Tinted. But a little concerned now, 5K is allot of coin.
  4. Signature Wheel’s GT500 Adventures

    After three days and reading 72 pages I have it narrowed down two choices in wheels and three colors, maybe four. :) SV504 and SV902 Matte Bronze Brushed Bronze Tinted Galaxy Graphite - (I didn't see this choice on the site) I need guidance here, what would look the best on OW, and KB Stripes...
  5. Shelby Coolant Reservoir Tank

    I went ahead and went this route, STEDDA had it for $181.00 :like: I happen to know a guy that paints cars for a living, I may pay him a visit.
  6. Shelby Coolant Reservoir Tank

    Love that red cross brace. Did you have a paint shop do that?
  7. Shelby Coolant Reservoir Tank

    Your build thread is where I saw it first. I went looking to see if it was listed but completely over looked it. 😂 Thanks I will take a look.
  8. Shelby Coolant Reservoir Tank

    Thanks for that link. Looks like they also have one in the same aluminum color. I will definitely keep an eye open for an in stock status.
  9. Shelby Coolant Reservoir Tank

    I was dead set on ordering an aluminum one but looks like they have been discontinued. HERE I thought it might look nice with the other parts they offer in aluminum. Has anyone installed a black one and can share some photos? Thanks
  10. FordConnect WiFi HotSpot

    Will this help any?
  11. FordConnect WiFi HotSpot

    I can definitely take a look, I'm also going to try and locate that mystery USB. :)
  12. FordConnect WiFi HotSpot

    I was thinking about something like the Jetpack MiFi 8800L, since they are typically cheaper to have on a current account than an activated phone. But a phone will just as well do the trick. Are the USB ports hot when car is not on? I haven't tested that yet. Also please share what your final...
  13. FordConnect WiFi HotSpot

    Maybe weigh the cost of a portable LTE hotspot?
  14. 2021 Shelby Super Snake Debuts New "Speedster" Two-Seater Body

    Looks like some seat stitching still visible?
  15. Mach 1 underbody/exhaust setup pictures

    Just pads? Where is the best place to purchase these?
  16. Mach 1 underbody/exhaust setup pictures

    Yes I have it on my wheels and calibers. If you don't leave it up there for a long time it's wash and rinse then detail.
  17. Drivers View Interior Hood Paint

    didn't think about it like that. Good way of looking at it though. Of course 50 years from now I’m not going the even care. 😂
  18. '21MY Mach 1s are starting to arrive at dealers

    I feel like FORD could have done better on a base wheel though. But I guess they put these on so most would be willing to spend the cash for the upgrade.
  19. Drivers View Interior Hood Paint

    First thing I noticed too the next day when I went for a drive and it was daylight. LOL
  20. Drivers View Interior Hood Paint

    Is this what everyone else sees from the driver's seat? I'm guessing no. If the hood wasn't so tall in the center this would never be seen but that's not the case.