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  1. Corsa

    I've never owned Corsa products so I honestly don't know, but maybe they stamp product numbers somewhere on their mufflers?
  2. S550 styles I have not seen on the road...

    My neighbor down the street has a GT500 (so much fun to ride in and listen to) and I've seen a GT350R around a couple times (another side note, there are 5 of us on my block that have S550's which I think is pretty cool). There's a few base GT350's in the area. My local Ford dealer had two...
  3. New Official Shelby GT500 Lego set

    I've got the McLaren Senna and Corvette ZR1 technic sets and they're actually not too bad. Not as good as the Creator Expert sets though. I agree with others, that GT500 set ain't it
  4. Bigwormgraphix review

    Another +1 for BigWorm
  5. New at cosco

    Costco usually has some good finds. Found most of these there at one point or another
  6. To clay or not to clay?

    I've not had the issue on my car as I use the lightest clay bar possible, but I have done polishing work on friends' cars where they used the most aggressive clay bar possible (because they thought they needed to when they really didn't) and had to get a little more aggressive with my polishing...
  7. To clay or not to clay?

    True, claying is still required but not necessarily for the entire car if the iron removing spray is used. I try to avoid claying the entire car if at all possible because they are abrasive and I don't want to take any more of the already thin clear coat off than I absolutely have to when...
  8. To clay or not to clay?

    Try an iron removing spray first before claying. There are several out there to choose from and they typically remove all light contamination without the need to clay bar.
  9. My Black Mach 1 Landed!

    Might need some heat (or let them bake in the sun, rare as it still is here in Chicago) to let the adhesive set. If those don't hold up, Big Worm sells just the pinstripes for a pretty decent price and the quality is top notch:
  10. Who Names Their Cars and What Is It?

    I don't name my cars, but I've taught my son the finer points of comics and video games from the 80's & 90's so he calls my Mustang Scorpion (Mortal Kombat) or Wolverine (X-Men) every now and then
  11. Tuners dissappearing [closed due to politics discussions]

    AMR and Palm Beach Dyno are some good options. I haven't used either one personally, but have several buddies that have used both and they all have nothing but good things to say about either one.
  12. Post YOUR home made meals or sandwich

    And the pork roast. Not sure why all 3 pics didn't upload in my initial response
  13. Post YOUR home made meals or sandwich

    I love cooking. Mostly grilling and smoking but also love cooking pasta dishes. Some of my recent dishes include homemade shrimp & pea risotto, grilled Sicilian style pork roast and smoked pork butt, which we used for bbq and pork tacos.
  14. Jack / Jack Stands ?

    This is the jack I use: And the jack stands: The jack is low profile so it should work with your lowered setup, but I'd double check the dimensions just to be sure
  15. Master rear spoiler thread -- Post yours here!

    If you're looking for more height, check out the MMD V Series or the Drake Muscle Wicker Bill. Both work with the factory holes. I have the Drake on mine.
  16. What if your Mustang was totaled today?

    I'd absolutely get another Mustang. Fun car and I can still haul the kids around in it. Grabber Yellow Mach 1. I like yellow
  17. Pilot AS4 vs ContiExtremeContact DWS

    Depending on how much snow you get each year, might be worth having 2 sets, winter & summer. I run Blizzak WS90's in the winter and Conti Extreme Contact Sports in the warmer months and love them both. Discount Tire had good rebates on both at the time I bought them, so they won't break the...
  18. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    45 degrees in chicago today. Did a proper wash in the driveway
  19. When you pull up to a Mustang, what song should be playing? What song compliments a Mustang most?

    Anything Metallica. My favorites are Fuel, One, Master of Puppets, the entire black album and No Leaf Clover