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  1. Science is now cancelled?

    Maybe it's a hard pill to swallow, are the pills gonna be like antibiotics? Or people gonna need them constantly, imagine if they make them Addictive?
  2. Science is now cancelled?

    So once everyone is vaxxed who are they gonna blame for the "new" variant? Who ever does not have the current booster? Right back whare we started. The devil doesn't come to you with a orange face and horns,he comes to you disguised as everything you've wanted.
  3. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Does it let you watch movies while driving ? Or just parked?
  4. Science is now cancelled?

    My brain hurts Time gets wasted every day I watch the minutes tick away My brain is melting like a chocolate ice cream bar Like characters on TV these people look like maggots to me and I wonder what the hell is wrong with me Milk fed little beauty queen she's straight out of a magazine she...
  5. Science is now cancelled?

    So with the flu I get them sometimes not every year ..It depends on my schedule does seem like the years when I get them ..I get sick ,unlike the years when I don't. Not saying the "flu" shot does not work and With the covid I'm ok with a booster Once a year,not every few...
  6. Science is now cancelled?

    Tried to be civilized with bipolar jtmat Just because some people don't belive in getting multiple boosters every time a new variant comes out does not make them anti- vaxxers , but ther is Definitely a pattern going on .
  7. Repairing Worn Out (Flattened) Recaro's

    Does Recaro seats make a front bench seat? Asking for a friend
  8. 4 GT500's Stolen Right From Flat Rock Plant

    Alien Abduction,someone traveling through time . Or possibly parts cars now available on ebay.
  9. Please help, stolen rear brake covers?

    For the time being I would give them a bath in white vinegar to Neutralize..also sure that's not the only problem area..I would inspect under the car and look at all components . under the hood as well ..
  10. Science is now cancelled?

    Are you talking about me ? Hope not
  11. Science is now cancelled?

    Is this from Vaccinated persons or non vaccinated?
  12. Science is now cancelled?

    Sorry me being comfortable makes you feel don't like what I have to say or post , it's simply just ignore me . Work on you're own self control. No need to hate ,and wtf are you talking about different user name? Seems like you might suffer from being paranoid or confused .