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  1. Cervinis hood crash test

    That sucks man had that happen to me once on my 87 irocz except my hood cam completely off. I went home to get the truck to retrieve the hood. scrapers already took it when I came back I was back in less than 20 minutes. the hood was fiber glass so It was useless for scrap.
  2. Why did you buy an automatic? (and why I ordered a 6spd)

    Bought an auto only because my wife can't drive stick tried to teach her once that went badly 😅. Although I don't mind an auto in traffic jams.
  3. Who's sick & tired of 'cancel culture' drop a comment here

    That’s exactly what I just said. I can find a study that says the opposite. I had the offer to invest in a small solar project a few years ago. After some research I concluded it wasn’t viable. And it isn’t to this day. A friend of mine invest and he will end up losing money. Production sources...
  4. New TSB issued for 2020 Mustang 5.0L Built September 1 - December 1, 2020

    I did my first oil change at 3000 miles on my 2020. I did it my self and used pens oil ultra platnum 5w30 with a ford performance oil filter. I have no wired ticks or noises i have just under 5000 miles on my car now.
  5. New TSB issued for 2020 Mustang 5.0L Built September 1 - December 1, 2020

    Well there go's my boost dreams. I was planning on getting a turbo or supercharger during the upcoming holiday sales. but that looks like it's not going to happen.
  6. Is this a real Bullitt??

    Is it possible someone at the salvage company swiped the parts for there own car or to sell separately. and just swapped regular gt parts on it to send it on down the line. I would think if someone stole the car for parts why would they just take only mostly Bullitt specific parts and not strip...
  7. shall i pull the trigger?

    Seems kinda steep for base used gt that should be a 26-28k car I know the market is jacked up. but it's never going to get better if they know people are willing to over pay. I only paid 2k more for my new 2020 301a a10 car this spring. If you don't got to have it and already have a dependable...
  8. Breaking in a new car

    I did not do any of that I just made sure when I started my car in the morning. I'd let it warm up until my oil pressure said normal witch usaly happens around 185-190 degrees. And then I'd let her rip car has 3500 miles on it now and I've had no oil consumption issues or any other issues...
  9. Mustang market

    I'd get a new one with the way the market is. and probably will be for a while if you can afford it. Life's to short to wait on things that may take years to sort themselves out.
  10. 2021 WRX

    There is no way a stock sti is keeping up with a gt in the quarter mile even at approximately 400lbs less and awd. its no where near enough to make up for the gt's 150hp advantage.
  11. Stock GT350 Brake Pads on Backorder

    wow, you should check out this guy's deal
  12. Getting water through air vents when it rains.

    Windows are closed when it rains about the only time I use ac unless the wife is with me. the rest of the time the windows are down ac off. And there is no condonsation on the vents that I can see. It's got to be more than condonsation as it only dose it when it's raining. With ac on and it not...
  13. Getting water through air vents when it rains.

    So I've been noticing when it rains and Im running my ac it feels like it's spitting out little water droplets at me I've never had this issue in any other car I've had. Any one else experienced this? Car is a 2020.
  14. 4th of July Plans?

    At work working on an ancient boiler for double time and a half. That supercharger ain't going to buy its self 🤣.
  15. The cost of my new engine + install

    $6800 for a new engine is not bad I thought it be way more. Makes ditching the warranty and going boost a lot more tempting 🤔. Hope the new engine works out better than the last one.
  16. What are you coming from and where are you going?

    Traded my focus s in on my gt 3 months ago go I'm glad to be rid of that car so soulless and boring. I only washed that car once in the 3 years I had it. I've washed my mustang at least once a week ever since I got it. also go through the interior meticulously every week to gotta keep her...
  17. Going to the dealer tomorrow-*Ordered first mod*

    Car looks grate love the kona blue then agin I'm kinda biased as mine is the same color. 😂