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  1. 2M Fabrications Review (Headers)

    I wonder if I could get mine to move a little. I didn’t take the nut off and I can’t remember how big the stud hole is. Will have to try to move it later
  2. 2M Fabrications Review (Headers)

    I must be confused cause all I see on my motor mount bracket is the holes for the bolts into the block and the hole for the engine mount stud. Don’t see how I could adjust it
  3. 2M Fabrications Review (Headers)

    Like the actual motor mount or the motor mount bracket?
  4. 2M Fabrications Review (Headers)

    Yes this was there response ”2015-2017 cars are notorious for the engine not being centered. Center the engine. Also, motor mounts break down and drop the engine, reducing the clearance. Vehicles with more than 30,000 miles should have new motor mounts installed to regain factory clearance...
  5. What brand of oil does everyone use? Motorcraft or nothin?

    I wish there was some hard statistic we could all look at and say yes this brand is the best. But it doesn't seem like there is anything like that. Even Blackstone labs say they don't know what brand of oil is the best and that most oils are good enough.
  6. What brand of oil does everyone use? Motorcraft or nothin?

    Another oil thread lmao. Basically, everyone has their own opinion. Some people say Motorcraft oil is the devil, others say it's perfectly fine. What you are going to figure out is there is a brand that will catch your eye, that along with some other people's opinions, your brain will say "yes...
  7. 2M Fabrications Review (Headers)

    Whelp the header is definitely rubbing the steering shaft. I did use header wrap so maybe if I cut it off on that section it won’t rub. Either way it’s really close. Gaskets also appear to be leaking smh. Would you mind linking these posts so I can include them in my detailed post? I’ll check...
  8. 2M Fabrications Review (Headers)

    Ya I’m hoping that’s not the case but I want to double check that as well as check bolts and leaks before giving a final review.
  9. 2M Fabrications Review (Headers)

    I used their gaskets and I replaced the stock studs and nuts with their bolts (makes installation a lot easier) I’ll wait to do a full write up for a few more days so I can put it on a lift and check clearances and leaks. I know my cat back is leaking pretty bad but haven’t noticed the headers...
  10. 2M Fabrications Review (Headers)

    UPDATE: Headers have been installed! Fitment was spot on. I’ll do a fully write up of my experience and what I think but the 2M headers fit factory exhaust and car backs that are made to connect to factory exhaust. Really happy
  11. Why does everyone else drive like a pos bc we have stangs?

    I’ve had pretty good experiences. The most annoying thing is trucks that blind the shit out of me. I drive pretty fast so if someone is trying to drive faster I just let them. If someone is clearly interested in the car I’ll usually give them a small pull if there isn’t much traffic. The...
  12. If you ain't first, you're last; 7 second S550 build

    I think she was diagnosed when she was 14. She has a nerve condition called crps. It causes her nerves to be very painful at times. It has luckily not spread very much and her flare ups are pretty rare, letting her live a fairly normal life. But you always have the fear in the back of your mind...
  13. Engine light on

    Get a code scanner. Could be a million different things. If you get a code scanner you will see what issue is popping up. I think some auto parts stores will do it for free. Could be a lot of things (misfire, overheating, bad sensors, etc.). Go get the codes checked and you will narrow down...
  14. If you ain't first, you're last; 7 second S550 build

    I totally understand that philosophy. My girlfriend has a chronic disease and thankfully it isn't impacting her life very much and at the current rate, she will probably live a full life. But I totally understand the position of feeling like your life can be taken away and having no control...
  15. If you ain't first, you're last; 7 second S550 build

    Jesus, you definitely aren't going for the cheapest car in the 7's that's for sure. But good on you for having the money to build this car and doing it the way you want. Hopefully, it will be right the first time and last you a while. I have a feeling as soon as the car runs a 7 you will be...
  16. If you ain't first, you're last; 7 second S550 build

    Would be interesting to see the cost of your final setup!
  17. 2M Fabrications Review (Headers)

    Small Update: Received the catted pipe earlier this morning (Wednesday). Also a minor correction when you buy the headers from 2m if you choose the catted ones you get the catted pipe and off road pipe, so no need for me to send the off road pipe back.
  18. Oil Dipstick Tube

    Nice post just what I was looking for after I broke mine and bought a new one lmao
  19. How common are issues with billet OPGs?

    Bought these for my car... praying boundary has a good set and that they will be okay.
  20. 2M Fabrications Review (Headers)

    Thanks for the correction, even more of a reason to go full 3” lmao