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  1. Mach 1 Hitch for Tire Trailer

    do you need to haul a trailer or could you use some type of small luggage carrier type rack?
  2. Carbon Fiber Addicts Anonymous Thread

    I have a gt350 looking for a matte carbon dash kit looking for real carbon not overlays who makes the best one
  3. 2017 hellion sleeper install

    using gen 2 68/70 precisions got the turbine housings down pipe adapters and headers coated with jet hot 2500 series so they should keep the heat in. palm beach will be tuning using rtd
  4. 2017 hellion sleeper install

    got the turbos on today I opted for the hellion 4 into 1 manifolds and used the stage 8 locking header bolts to hold them on installing the headers was pretty easy there was a clearance issue with the o2 sensor block off plug on the passenger side hitting the transmission bell housing so I...
  5. 2017 hellion sleeper install

    started my teardown today worked on it for 6 hrs today feel like I'm making good progress will answer as many questions as I can
  6. Hellion Street Sleeper twin turbo now available for GT350!

    will be doing my install this weekend finally have all my parts in will be making a separate post with as many pictures as I can take
  7. I put a 2018 6speed manual trans in my 2015 mustang gt

    make sure you didn't pinch the wiring harness between the block and transmission
  8. Vicrez GT 500 hood

    anderson makes a 500 hood for the 350
  9. Free Soler Prf. Throttle Bodies for GT350/500

    would like to try if any are left 2017 gt350 doing a hellion twin turbo
  10. Georgia Ported Cobraj Jet set up BRAND NEW

    was the cj intake sold?
  11. mgw gen 2 shifter

    gen 2 shifter video Looks good I'll be picking one up when they're available for order
  12. Honey Badger's Completely Off-the-Rails Build and Adventure Thread

    gm coolant tabs are magic should fix your problems
  13. Broke another diif bolt smh

    call arp and get a custom age 625 bolt made for it
  14. Boost Leak

    cap it off that's a vaccum tee and is most likely the problem
  15. GT500 GForce Axles now available

    kelly Aiken from kelltrac has a good YouTube video on the outlaw axles with weights and specs worth a watch
  16. What's everyone using for vacuum lines

    this is what I bought