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  1. How do you jack your car up?

    I have the quick jack low profile car lift. Its awesome and worth every cent
  2. Finally have it! Strangest car purchase I've ever made

    Nice,, Congrats and enjoy the car...
  3. Do you take cell phone pics constantly of your s550 ? Post them here !!!

    Got them off amazon. Brand says RT-TCZ tail light covers (smoked).
  4. S550 styles I have not seen on the road...

    I have seen a few bullitts driving around. One older like a 2014 and one s550 bullitt. Also there was one for sale on my local dealer lot. I have only seen one GT500 and it was at a local cars and coffee where i've also seen a sweet GT40. On the streets daily though... never. Same with GT 350's...
  5. Please help with Misfire issue

    Mine was getting misfire codes also. I have an automatic so not to sure on clutch stuff. But i also replaced the plugs, and swapped coils around. Was still getting codes for misfire. Its at the dealer now to do the compression and leak down. Im supposed to get news today on what was discovered...
  6. What's the longest someone's car has been in a Ford dealership getting repairs?

    I got a check engine light with multiple misfire codes. Also the car seemed to be burning oil do to the smoke at idle that lingered. Lastly my MPG went to straight crap. Filled the car on wednesday morning by noon thursday i was damn near at half, and my commute from home to work is 22 miles one...
  7. What's the longest someone's car has been in a Ford dealership getting repairs?

    Holy moly reading these has made my chest hurt. Im on day 3. Had an appointment monday, east coast got hit by the snow storm, they haven't even pulled my car in yet. Guessing it should buckle up for a few weeks
  8. For those who like them big!

    Oh lock lugs also added protection, just dont lose the "done that before"
  9. For those who like them big!

    The wheels you can go with both that's your call. The offset is gonna determine how far your rims poke and the camber will potentially get it back. But if your offset is to much the camber correction will have your wheels laying down just to get them under the fender, and I dont know to many...
  10. Dang CEL

    Im at 27k But i didnt buy the car from ford so i aint sure the ford warranty is intact. I do have a warranty package from the dealer i bought it from, they just dont have time to see me until after new years and this is my daily so im just trying to see if its a simple fix, that wont cost me the...
  11. Dang CEL

    Got it... Thank you for the clarification. See took me a minute but i think im comprehending now.. LOL thanks for the reply without insult.. Just messing but thanks to all that responded.
  12. Dang CEL

    You pretty much said what i did... If i have an issue at #4 and i swap the coils from #4 to #3 and now my issue is at #3. Its the coil. Instead i said that about the plugs. Taking the plug from #4 swapping it with the #3 plug and leaving the coils, because the #3 coil isnt the same as the rest...
  13. Dang CEL

    No i didnt mis type. I am very mechanically inclined. Meaning i can pull plugs swap them and use the appropriate tools to do so. Now understanding function of things it may take a second but i will get the understanding if explained right, or i see it done.
  14. Dang CEL

    And after swapping the plugs if it remains at four you mean it's the coil or am I looking at it backwards
  15. Dang CEL

    If the issue follow the plug do you mean the plug is bad?
  16. Dang CEL

    Today on my way home from work the inevitable happened. First went to auto start the car and it took a sec to light off. When it did the plume of smoke came out the back. No biggy it didnt continue. So hit the road driving and i notice out the rear view mirror when i accelerated i saw smoke...
  17. New Wheels Ordered - Tire Size? Speedometer Issues?

    Agreed, the 295's will be just fine. I had that issue myself. When i bought the car it had cooper tires on it, but they replaced the fronts with lexani-twenty series in the front only and left the rears. I didnt see the need to change all four so i replaced the rears to match. Only thing was...
  18. ebay gt500 spoiler and oil catch can questions.

    In general IMO ebay is hit or miss with its items, especially large items like what you are looking for. If you are saving alot of dollars through ebay I'm saying don't expect perfection. I've been known to buy from ebay and make things work. I don't mind the work... If that's not your thing, I...
  19. Made a tag for the car today!

    That's pretty cool...
  20. Aggressive Fitment Thread

    I have black concave marquee m3226 rims with custom offsets 20x9 et33 and 20x10.5 e40 front tires are 235-30-20 rears are 305-30-20 lowered on steeda sport suspension kit. No rubbing at all.