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  1. Keyless entry failing on passenger door

    BMS we go, Sit in the car and turn on the accessary mode by pushing the start button but not starting the engine. Next, flash the hi beam headlights 5 times quickly. Next press the brake pedal three times quickly. The battery dash light should blink confirming the reset. I am...
  2. Keyless entry failing on passenger door

    I think that I have fixed my car's problem by resetting the BMS after some more researching. Once I reset the BMS , the passenger keyless entry has returned to working and the 10 minute interior lighting timer also works as it should. Two days in a row and all is good. Amazing car and skips a...
  3. Keyless entry failing on passenger door

    I researched the forum here and it looks like the battery saver feature built into the BCM may cut out the passenger door keyless entry when voltage falls below some value. I just hooked up a battery tender to my car to see if overnight charging will again return this function. It has been...
  4. Keyless entry failing on passenger door

    My 2018 GT just started to have a problem with the passenger door not unlocking with the keyless walk up feature. Driver's door work as it should. I tried each key fob but no difference. Any ideas before deciding to visit the dealer?
  5. Did you buy your mustang for a collector car

    I currently own a 1988 FOX GT that I bought new. The retail was $15K. The 34 years of ownership have been wonderful and it has 70K right now. I have been to multiple car show, 4 MCA shows with 1st place awards and more. I just increased the classic car insurance to $25K after seeing the...
  6. Oil catch cans on the '18+ Coyotes

    I have the Ford Racing catch can and it is amazing how much oil it captures on my 2018 GT A10. You have to get this to keep the engine clean.
  7. Why did you buy an automatic? (and why I ordered a 6spd)

    And the A10 comes standard with the remote start feature which is great. The various mode toggle provides much entertainment from soft to jet fighter driving. Not boring at all!
  8. should i mod my 2021 gt right now

    Have a Ford dealer install your mods to keep the warrantee in place.
  9. Oil change before or after storage?

    Fresh oil for storage does get rid of the acid in the old. Plus the oil is now cheaper than it will be in the spring given the current inflation we have on everything today.
  10. Winter storage - what should be done?

    Change the oil before storage to get rid of acid. Drive the car up onto rigid foam home insulation panels to keep the tires from flat spotting. Wash and wax the car before parking and buy a cheap indoor car cover. Inspect it once a month for rodent issues. You may want to start the car once...
  11. Pirelli P Zero AS Tires tramlining

    Don, many thanks for the feedback. Michelins it is in my future!
  12. Pirelli P Zero AS Tires tramlining

    My 2018 GT Premium with 19 inch wheela and Pirelli P Zeros continues to tramline at 13k miles and with a full dealer foue wheel alignment. Anyone had this issue and fixed it with a different brand of tires? I have always liked Michelins but wanted to get some feedback before possibly making a...
  13. Tach turns bright red at 7K+

    This past weekend, I had the opportunity to floor my A10 2018 GT while going 65mph. This event took place at night and I have the analog dash set up. The motor shot up to 7K+ rpms and the tach went from blue to bright red which I never experienced before. As the tranny upshifted, the tach...
  14. Hill Start Assist question

    My 2018 Gt A10 has the hill assist feature. It also has factory line lock which works in the same way if used.
  15. Hill Start Assist question

    The hill assist seems to hold the car for a 5 count before it rolls backward. Mt A10 does this each time.
  16. S550 Mustang GT PP long term reliability, and resale value?

    This is the last call for V-8s if you follow the trends. The car companies all have stopped ICE development work for the most part, the government just upped the emissions requirements to grow tighter each year, and so it goes. Once they are gone, the collector status will be huge I believe...
  17. Priming Question

    You may want to fill your new oil filter with fresh oil before screwing it on. This will have near zero priming lag in oil pressure on start up.
  18. Am I getting a good deal?

    Join MCA and get the Ford X-Plan pricing pin number. Dealer cost plus $100 and it works on all Ford vehicles for members. There is a waiting period for it to kick in so get on it now.
  19. GT Ride Comfort

    I have 19 factory wheels on my GT and the ride is tough especially in the winter with these P Zeros. I drop the tire pressure down to 29 to try and soften the impact and ride. Michelin AS3/4s can't come soon enough!
  20. Flat foot shifting

    Yes the new Mach 1 has this no lift shift feature. Speed Pheamond on YOUTUBE did a demo of this technology recently.