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  1. Have you had PPF applied, and how much did it run you? (NJ)

    Hey Shelby3502020.....I sent you a PM
  2. Resonator Delete

    Oh ok....thank you
  3. Resonator Delete

    I'm sorry if I sound ignorant but what is FR?
  4. 2022 GT500 Order Guide

    It is also a 1 of 1
  5. Ford drops CFHP for 2022

    You can still get a CFTP, just not with Heritage Edition if I was reading that correctly
  6. Ford drops CFHP for 2022

    Of course they will play games with the HE, they did it with the GT350 HE. The color in my opinion is pretty cool but the fact it will not be available in CFTP I don't feel so bad. I really wanted a 22 CFTP so I had the last model year as I have the last model year of the GT350. I was able to...
  7. My 2020 Rapid Red metallic CFTP

    Beautiful, congratulations. My second favorite color. Mine is Antimatter Blue but Rapid Red is a very close second and the black stripes look amazing. Again congrats and good luck
  8. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    I put one of them away for winter. Sad day but a fun ride.
  9. 2021 GT500

    That seems high but I'm not sure what the current market is supporting in your area. I just got my 21 Antimatter Blue CFTP at 5k over sticker which I thought was fair. I traveled about 2 hours for it a local dealer has a carbonized grey base for $108k. The prices seem to be all over the...
  10. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Went for a ride and a car show with his new brother that arrived on Friday. I was driving the 350, wife had the 500
  11. 21 Antimatter Blue CFTP

    That is what we are going to do. Sorry I left out the ceramic coating. I did the PPF and ceramic to my GT350. Course that is white and pretty easy to keep clean
  12. 21 Antimatter Blue CFTP

    Antimatter is an amazing color, just like Tomster describes. But holy cow is it hard to keep clean. I was at my detail shop and I think I'm going to do full Protective Paint Film just to keep it a bit easier
  13. 21 Antimatter Blue CFTP

    I think they will drop to sticker as they have sat on this car for about 2 months and really tried to push me towards it. I wanted a CFTP so I said no thanks
  14. 21 Antimatter Blue CFTP

    The dealer I bought mine from has a 21 base oxford white with Kona blue vinyl strips base 5k over sticker. Great dealership located in NY. PM for contact info
  15. 21 Antimatter Blue CFTP

    I feel very lucky to have received the car I wanted CFTP in the color I wanted. Antimatter is only a 1 year color so I had to pull the trigger sooner than later. I paid 5k over from a dealership 2 hours from me. I have no regrets and consider myself very fortunate and lucky to be able to get...