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  1. car max appraisal

    Carmax is a joke, offered me 29k for an 18 Gt with 8k mikes, 401a, active exhaust, auto transmission, and p51 wheels with mpss almost new. Sold it in 2 weeks when I listed it on autotrader, 33k and had multiple people wanting it. Could have gotten more but I needed to move it to get a 4...
  2. Richard Rawlings on the Steeda Steve McQueen Edition- Truly blown away!

    Rawlings is entertaining, love his shows!
  3. GT 2018 Mustang GT 401A

    Myrtle Beach SC. There is a small loan on the car. Car is garage kept. Price lowered to $32,400. Pm me with any questions, I don’t get on here every day.
  4. GT 2018 Mustang GT 401A

    Tpms in place, right rear tire low on air when I took the pic. This car is so strong I usually run around 30 psi in the rear tires, temp changed dropped it to 27 psi and the light came on. Car also has the active exhaust.
  5. Just about ready to buy until...

    My bone stock 18 is just as fast as my Lund tuned 15 with long tubes, e85, and intake was, handles better, way more fun to drive. The digital dash is something else I really like, same for the active exhaust.
  6. Just about ready to buy until...

    I owned a 15 and now have an 18, get the 18. The 10 speed is a huge upgrade over the a6.
  7. Unlikely Head to Head Review: Mustang GT vs Genesis G70

    I think the Stinger looks better than the G70, and the G70 2.0 is a dog, very slow per Motor Trends recent review. I will not drive a car that grandma in her v6 Camry or Accord can smoke.
  8. Unlikely Head to Head Review: Mustang GT vs Genesis G70

    The ONLY reason it might be close is because the 2018 Mustang is so powerful that it’s harder to get great consistent times with it for the average person, especially in colder temps. With someone who has his GT dialed in it will get ugly and quick. Right now I have to be careful when going...
  9. Unlikely Head to Head Review: Mustang GT vs Genesis G70

    I cross shopped a Stinger after I sold my 15 gt, ended up with an 18gt. Stinger is a nice car, but the mustang just had an edginess to it that I wanted. Now I really really need a usable back seat, I will end up with a stinger or possible a new wrangler rubicon. Performance wise the stinger...
  10. GT 2018 Mustang GT 401A

    Like new, Mustang GT, 10 speed auto, active exhaust, Lowered on ultra lightweight P51 wheels wrapped with staggered Michelin Pilot Super Sports(275-35-19 front, 305-35-19 rear, car also has the BMR CB005 cradle lockout kit. The engine completely stock, never modded. This car has the 401a...
  11. The Photography Hangout Thread

    Ok guys, I have an older Sony alpha a55 with the kit lens. No matter what i do my photos are underwhelming it seems, I swear my iPhone 8 takes better pictures! Thinking of upgrading since my 11 year old daughter is showing some photography interest and it may give us a mutual small hobby to...
  12. Man I'm sick of looking at used Mustangs, taking a break and shop again next week...

    Hit me up, lightning blue ceramic coated paint and rims, 12 k miles, 401a equipped, 18 GT, STOCK engine never tuned, bmr cb05, p51 wheels(19 x10-19-11) Michelin mpss staggered 275, 305, lowered on cjpp springs, professional caliper paint, leather with blue contrasting stitching, never wrecked...
  13. Steeda closed CAI?

    I saw it at mustang week, looks great, oem like.
  14. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Looks awesome! My 19-10 p51 rims with 285-35-19 mpss weighed 46.9, 19 x 11 with 305 weighed 50.2.
  15. Mustang Week 2018 (9/3/18-9/9/18)

    Any meet ups tonight?
  16. Mustang GT vs Kia Stinger GT

    My wife is likely getting one in a couple months, it’s an awesome car for the money. That ceramic color looks even better in person and at night, that’s also the color my wife wants.
  17. Good bye everyone

    You will beat this, prayers to you and your family my friend, God bless you.
  18. Just hit 14k miles on my 18..what am I doing wrong?

    9800 miles on mine, runs perfect