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  1. Photograph of the Month - September 2021. Guidelines in post #1

    One of mine from a drive out whilst waiting from friends.
  2. UK Parts Suppliers

    Nemesis Uk have a couple of options

    One of mine from the other day
  4. Photograph of the Month - April 2021. Guidelines in post #1

    found a graffiti wall that I thought would look good behind the stang
  5. Photograph of the Month - March 2021. Guidelines in post #1

    One of mine, love the lighting from the stadium behind.
  6. Photograph of the Month - January 2021. Guidelines in post #1

    One of mine from an underground carpark last week
  7. My 2019 GT

    My 2019 GT

  8. Photograph of the Month - November 2020. Guidelines in post #1

    Took this just before we went back in to a lockdown.
  9. The Photography Hangout Thread

    A few from a shoot I did with some friends the other night, it was also my first time taking photos like this at night, i'm really pleased with the results though :D
  10. Ford Sync V3.4 official update

    Mine did the update over the air (i.e. wifi) which I wasn't expecting but i'm pretty pleased with the results, just waiting for the maps update to become available now.
  11. Photograph of the Month - June2020. Guidelines in post #1

    Playing with creating a HDR shot with this one
  12. The Photography Hangout Thread

    Been having a play trying new things to me.