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  1. Can we have a funny meme thread? (NO POLITICS!)

    this hits hard... dbl since he's O'Neil
  2. Rattle update 2018 GT

    Its finally inside again...
  3. Rattle update 2018 GT

    Sounds good. thanks.
  4. Rattle update 2018 GT

    I have an open ticket w/Ford corp and their stance is negative on anything resembling keeping a customer. What is best thing to send to Mr Farley? im all for it.
  5. Rattle update 2018 GT

    haha thanks.. 16 pages, hell of a read... I dont think Ford is doing anything other than fixing the car. The sad thing is we have been shopping for a Bronco for my wife and and f-150 for me... now im thinking no...
  6. Rattle update 2018 GT

    Agreed - we had a good conversation. Im guessing since he asked to have my truck is a show he is at least trying. I wonder if i should tell him his service manager told me to window the block...
  7. Rattle update 2018 GT

    lol ya no shit...
  8. Rattle update 2018 GT

    Just got off phone w/GM. he gave me his cell, and is getting car in today. It was first he heard of my car being there. it looks like the holdup was service manager. u bet ur ass im driving by to check... then after talking he wants to have me put my 66 c10 in a car show there this spring...
  9. Rattle update 2018 GT

    Today is 4 months... wow... 4 entire months... insane... Called and spoke to GM of dealership. he is investigating and calling back.
  10. Rattle update 2018 GT

  11. Rattle update 2018 GT

    100% agree... never again.
  12. Rattle update 2018 GT

    i just feel helpless in all this. i will def never buy used again... and ive bought a lot of used cars and had no issues...
  13. Rattle update 2018 GT

    ive owned a lot of too many. i had a 76 Camero and love the older ones but the current ones just dont do it for me. If i get a car it will be a Charger since ill never prob get my 68-69 charger...
  14. Rattle update 2018 GT

    i guess we expected too much idk.. but whats funny is this is first american car ive owned and its been nothing but problems... i had a toyota and a kia - neither were ever in shop or left me on side of the road... i think im going with a tundra. if i ever get another mustang it will be an older...
  15. Rattle update 2018 GT

    Maybe - but Ford has had opportunities to make this right. The car has 12k miles. They have told me no buyback because of my shite state laws and they also will make no payment reimbursement because of 3/36k warranty. From my BBB report all that happened was Ford corp says work w/dealer. Total...
  16. Rattle update 2018 GT

    I dont think its driveable atm. The new long block is at the dealer. Ive tried a couple other "close" dealers and they wont touch it. im pretty screwed.
  17. Rattle update 2018 GT

    Thanks i appreciate that. If i thought it would work i would, but i cant do that. i have a kid, a good job i cant jeopardize. im just going to sell car once i get it back and say bye to ford. after owning 9 Fords i guess it is not enough for Ford to keep a customer.
  18. Rattle update 2018 GT

    As expected the BBB report did absolutely no good. Friday is 4 months at the dealer. there is nothing i can do. i am livid. once i get car back i will sell even for a loss. fuck ford and their shitty customer service. this isnt an issue waiting on parts, engine is at dealer, car is at dealer...
  19. Car just arrived and Ughhh

    i feel your pain... i really do.
  20. Ford Pass

    Mine only ever showed trips and oil life. i never say any options to start or anything else. but its been 4 months since i plugged it in so who knows now..