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  1. H Pipe options

    Looking for a H pipe that is compliant with the 2018+ active exhaust. Have looked at the Steeda, but wondering what other options are out there.
  2. New 'hood struts' ?

    I've had the Ford Performance hood struts on my 2018 GT for over 6 months now with no issue whatsoever. Brackets fitted perfectly & no raising of the bonnet either. Only issue was moving the hose to the windscreen washers as it was being pinched.
  3. New to forum

    That looks the nuts.
  4. Why are GTs so slow on Motorways?

    I stick to the speed limit on motorways and throw it about in 2nd & 3rd on the A roads around where I live. I like to push the speed, but never if there are other cars around. Some days I just want to pootle about, but always on the speed limit. I get extremely frustrated by those who drive well...
  5. Apple Car Play What doe We all Think of it

    I have exactly the same with no issue using Amazon music. Sorry I cant help with apple stuff.
  6. Seriously, How many tick/rattle engines in the last 2 months?

    I too have the rattle first thing on start up which seems to be somewhere just below the steering column. I've put it down to cold mornings here in Scotland and the fact I have to drive on cobbled streets to get to work. Same noise is non-existent once the cat warms up. My local dealer suggested...
  7. First service prices? £310?!

    Just back from Oz and would also like to note that the correct amount/type of oil was put in. Good all round service from my local dealer. I was also relieved to hear no difference in engine noise, which was something I was concerned about so much that I recorded a clip before putting the car in...
  8. First service prices? £310?!

    £190 Ford, Maxwell Motors, Kelso.
  9. The True Cost Of An After MArket Exhaust

    I've renewed this week with NFU Mutual for 400 and change. Tried the usual spots when I was going to add stripes and the price went up around 200 notes at least from previous quotes. Rang NFU mutual and it was added to the insurance with no increase whatsoever.
  10. Collision Warning

    The thing is, at least in my experience, it comes on when there is no need for it. Usually at low speed when a car is turning in front and you have ample time to react.
  11. Collision Warning

    Had mine come on a handful of times now. Can't say I noticed the stereo turn off but the big flashing red square in the centre of the dash certainly gets your attention.
  12. Collection Day

    Top motor mate. I have the Kona but would have jumped at the velocity if the darker blue wasn't an option.
  13. Show me your stripes!

    Gloss white with red pins on my 2018 Kona GT. 8.5 inch with 1/4 inch pinstripe.
  14. KONA BLUE S550 MUSTANG Thread

    Had stripes put on last weekend, gloss white with gloss red pins to match the brembo's I had painted the week before.
  15. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    Thinking that myself tbf.
  16. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    Had them sitting around for some time and wasn't sure if they fitted as had mixed responses. No issue with fit though and not seen any difference in hood height. I thought the sticker was on the wrong way around but wasn't sure. Will mention it next week when I take the car in.
  17. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    Ford Performance hood struts and Calipers painted. Stripes to go on next weekend. Excellent work by Mike Allan at American Muscle.
  18. Mustang t shirts in Aldi £5.99

    Nor have I, but their is one around the corner from where I am staying currently so will check it out.
  19. Finally!! She is home

    Beautiful looking ride
  20. Insurance renewal - saved £260

    Ford wanted 4k from me for fully comp. I settled on NFU Mutual at 400 and change with gap insurance included.