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  1. 1/4 Mile Fast List 3.0

    2015 GT A6 3.55 FRPP supercharger, BMR suspension parts, Nitto G555
  2. Troubleshooting a FRPP SC install. Looking for advice.

    I may have found my problem in the dreaded aspirator. I went through the instructions again and verified my vacuum plumbing. I think I had the hoses switched. I replumbed it and it seems much better now. I still need to do a highway test to make sure.
  3. Troubleshooting a FRPP SC install. Looking for advice.

    Wait, is thew bypass supposed to open at low vacuum or high?
  4. Troubleshooting a FRPP SC install. Looking for advice.

    Thanks, I'll look at that too. According to the vacuum gauge I'm running 18-20 inches at speed when it happens. It will run around 20 and bounce down to 14-15 and back. It was happening this morning on my way to work in 4th gear. It seems to happen when the engine isn't under load, flat cruising...
  5. Troubleshooting a FRPP SC install. Looking for advice.

    So about 3 weeks ago I finished installing a Ford Racing supercharger on my 2015 GT auto. I've never done this install before but have been building engines for many years. Long story short the car runs greats except I get a slight stumble at highway speeds and I haven't found the cause yet...
  6. Auto Shifter bezel to Manual?!

    Thats a custom boot from Redline Goods.
  7. ProCal3 won't download tune

    I got it figured out. I have a power pack 2 with its tune and I have to put the PCM back to stock calibration before downloading the supercharger tune.
  8. ProCal3 won't download tune

    After years of enjoying my 2015 GT I've finally purchased a Ford Performance supercharger kit for it. I'm ready to install this weekend but I can't get the ProCal3 software to download the tune file. I'm connected to the internet, voucher number is right, email, password, everything looks right...
  9. My Silver HP Mach 1 has arrived !

    Stop! I can only get so erect!!
  10. How often do you guys see other Bullitts on the road?

    Occasionally early mornings on the Dan Ryan.
  11. FP Power Pack 2

    The air fittings on the CAI tube are brittle and have no flex. I broke one of mine trying to force it. Take your time and make sure all the hoses have room to reach. If something doesn't reach don't force it. Stop and re-arrange the hose to get the room needed.
  12. Anyone here purchased a former rental car?

    Also before buying a rental I might want to lift the carpet and check for additional fuel tank mounts :like:
  13. Here's the 2021 Mach 1!!

    If they really had enthusiasts and wanted a track capable car they would have given it the 7-speed from the GT500 or the Tremec from the GT350 as drive train options.
  14. Here's the 2021 Mach 1!!

    Was hoping for the 7 speed from the GT500. Love the white and the new front fascia.
  15. MMD GT350 Style front lip

    I cut the lip off my older GT/CS splitter and fitted it to fill the gaps. I had curbed my old splitter so no loss. So far the MMD splitter has held up to a road course track day and multiple drag strip days without fail.
  16. MMD GT350 Style front lip

    Nope, sorry. Typing faster than I can think. I replaced my stock non-pp splitter with GT/CS splitter then later replaced that with the MMD GT350 style splitter.
  17. MMD GT350 Style front lip

    I don't think there's room to mount the entire front splitter back but I cut my GT/CS splitter up and used the parts to fill the gaps between the IKON splitter and the outer mounting holes in belly pan. Nearly a year of DD and multiple track days with no issues. #mylastsplitter.
  18. Best tint for taillights?

    I usually have to post this about once a year on here as somebody always wants to argue tinted tail lights. Illinois law saws nothing about tint for brake lights and only states that brake lights must be visible from a distance of 500 feet. At noon on an overcast day I measured out 522 feet and...