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  1. V6

    Theres no doubt the EcoBoost is the better choice then the 6cyl, otherwise everyone would have chosen the 6cyl and the EcoBoost would have been discontinued. EcoBoost is great for people not concerned with performance or on a very limited budget
  2. OEM Battery life

    3-7 years, I work in a ford service department. It's abit of a crapshoot really
  3. V6

    meh it served no purpose besides rental cars etc, bigger engine with less power then the ecoboost. just get the 5.0 if your not a fan of the ecoboost
  4. Favorite Car You've Owned Besides Your Mustangs

    Wow great picture, ive never been a big fan of cougars but it looks great from that angle
  5. Manuals Are Losers

    I took a brand new pp1 auto for a drive the other day and ran out of gas immediately before I could get to the fuel station a km a way..... The transmission was pretty good but did feel odd at lower speeds, it's definitely possible that as it only had 14kms it needed time to learn. The new gt...
  6. Supercharger Surge Help!

    It's a common issue just swap the grill. Don't over think it 👍
  7. Manuals Are Losers

    True. My point was that as I rarely race the cars and don't daily drive it the manual was a good choice. But as someone who works for ford and has driven every ford made to date gt-fiesta etc I'll admit the 10 speeds are very nice compared to the old days
  8. Manuals Are Losers

    They were neat movies but just strange how seemingly purposely it wasn't accurate when it could have been so easily. Dom doing a wheelstand on 275 radial TAS on a car with a blower and 2.25 inch exhaust. Like come on guys why not just use a car that could really do that 🤷
  9. Manuals Are Losers

    Such a silly franchise. What about the NA eclipse "with the turbo".......
  10. Introduce yourself!!

    F For myself as someone who used to be a big fan of Gm stuff and worked for the for 10+ years they're just so cheap looking and built compared to the new Ford. Completely different levels at this point. The ls engine is the only thing they have going at this point
  11. What is your go-to driving mode?

    Normal on the way to work in the early morning and usually track all other times, i have a escape for rainy days or going to places like the mall were door dings are likely. Mines a 6speed pp1 fwiw
  12. Introduce yourself!!

    Ni Nice when sitting next to each other the Camaros look like shit lol
  13. Manuals Are Losers

    I just prefer manual, I'm not living my life a quarter mile at a time and my cars not a daily driver 🤷
  14. Jon Lund Jr. discusses latest rumors about Lund Racing/future of EFI Tuning

    I don't see this changing as it's pretty black and white. Just because they have gotten away with it for year's won't hold up in court. As they say all good things come to a end 🤷
  15. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Looks great. I wanted to get a Bright color like that or the orange but worried it might be too much after time so went with the silver to play it safe. Not sure I made the right choice lol
  16. 2020 GT350R - How to stop the loud BLAPPITY BLAH! at startup?

    Doesn't the 350 have the quite start feature. I have mine set from 9pm till 9am. No worry about the noise now
  17. Anyone planning large-scale appearance mods or projects?

    The s550 is too nice a car to cheapen with abunch of aftermarket stuff. Get the pp1 or better package and keep it OEM 👍
  18. Warranty service appointment more than a month out?

    Just doesn't happen. You must be working at small unprofessional stores by the sounds of it. Flat rate doesn't work like that. No way our guys would put up with that nonsense. Union wouldn't allow it either. There's no conspiracy to avoid warranty. Total b.s . Believe what you want 👍
  19. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    My car is 3 days old. It won't look like that forever 😜
  20. Warranty service appointment more than a month out?

    All inaccurate my 30 years working for ford and Chevy, sorry for you bad experience. Those stores you worked at give the rest bad reputation