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  1. How much life did you get out of the stock P Zero summers?

    I refuse to believe you put nearly 40k on those tires AND safely drove them in cold/wet/snowy conditions AND still have tread left. But if what you're saying is true then more power to you that's fantastic. OP I put about 8k on those tires before the rears were cooked. Front still had some good...

    As a carbonized grey owner, this is amazing. (Unpopular opinion) it blows the horrible magnetic grey out of the water. Definitely a beautiful shade.
  3. Carbon Fiber Addicts Anonymous Thread

    full door panels?! Can’t wait to see that. How much is that running you? I checked out that website and will def get the interior door latches in the future. That’s one chrome option in the interior that would be good to switch out and I haven’t seen any other company that makes them.
  4. Another spacer help post

    LMAO please let me see a picture of what you consider bad!
  5. Do/would you tip for PPF install?

    Not if it was fairly priced, but if he went above and beyond and gave you more than what you asked for and you're pleased with that there's no harm in offering.
  6. Daily Driver Mods

    I’m with everyone else on sound deadening. I found that the stock gt has horrrrrrrible drone at highway speeds. You can fix the drone with a high quality exhaust and/or deadening. I didn’t do any deadening, but switching from stock exhaust to borla s-type catback reduced drone by 50% id say.
  7. Road rage incident

    just to clarify I didn’t do that while I was driving I did that at the stop light after the one guy got behind me. I thought he was going to start following me so that made me do that. hopefully this thread will serve as a reminder for everyone else to maintain their patience and safety while...
  8. Road rage incident

    it was a Ford Focus. Yeah I created some distance between him but when I couldn’t merge over I slowed down and he caught up. Nothing I could’ve done. I know I shouldn’t have done what I did as far as yelling at them and everything the only person who legitimately road raged in the situation was...
  9. Road rage incident

    Hey all, I’m just here to vent. Let me start by saying I’m in the metro detroit area and I work downtown and nearly every day I find myself nearly getting into a car accident because of the way other drivers behave around here. It’s a serious issue. I’ve been getting thinner patience every day...
  10. Michigan WTT Carbonized Grey Trunklid + OEM PP1 Spoiler for spoiler delete trunk lid.

    As title states, I have a carbonized grey trunk lid with an OEM PP1 spoiler. I’m looking to trade the pair for another carbonized grey trunk lid with a spoiler delete. In the detroit area.
  11. Well it happened. I bought it!

    Congrats! That one won the poll by a landslide so you def made the right choice! Any plans to mod?
  12. Georgia Roush Chin, Carbon Spoiler, Carbon Mirrors and more

    Whose the manufacturer of the spoiler/gurney flap?
  13. Using paddles in Sports+

    This thread caught my attention so when I was driving today I tested it. I was driving in 5th gear at 2100 rpm and it allowed me to upshift to 6th at 1750 rpm. I was in Sport+ as well.
  14. Thoughts on The Red Leather Seats with the Grey

    For me it's the grey with red seats. I have carbonized grey myself and I love it. Since this one's a vert you gotta ball out with those red seats and you will turn a lot of heads with them.
  15. Any Suggestions for Aftermarket Wheels?

    VS Forged has some awesome styles and is only about 700 a wheel.
  16. Tint bubbles

    Don’t touch the windows at all. You don’t want them to deny a claim because you messed with it. If it’s as simple as pushing them out they can do that because they were the ones you paid for the installation in the first place. That is not normal. You shouldn’t have had any air bubbles to begin...
  17. What can we do for You?

    My left side license plate light went out. Will need to replace that, could I get a link to the part please?
  18. i need high school chick advice please

    Find out which car she drives, follow her home, and do a burnout right outside her bedroom window in the late hours of the night.

    Since the gift card/discount box is the same during checkout, is it possible to use both a discount code and then check out with the gift card afterwards? Thanks.
  20. Thoughts on the 2023 Z06?

    Incredible performance at the price of looks only a mother could love… if she could..