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  1. Mustang GT Better Traction on the Street

    Learning to control the throttle is important, but the car simply can't handle all of the power it has stock. There are improvements that can be made to get more of that power to the ground. A wider and better tire will definitely help, PS4s will handle much better. Locking down the subframe...
  2. Ngauge Window Mount Question

    Mine didn't rattle at all. The suction lever is closed, and the knob is tightened right? Those seem to be the only two places that something could be loose.
  3. Angela III - Daily Driver Build Thread

    If you can't fix the disease, fix the symptom I have had a persistent issue with the parking brake handle not staying down all the way while driving. The brake itself doesn't engage, but a warning light comes on and the car starts yelling at me. Adjusting the brake cable under the car doesn't...
  4. Angela III - Daily Driver Build Thread

    The shifter rattle was annoying me After installing the FTBR shifter bracket the shift collar would occasionally rattle. It wasn't consistent, but when it happened it sounded like cheap plastic rattling against the shift handle (which is exactly what it was). The rubber o- rings that came with...
  5. Chassis upgrades worth it for a daily driver?

    Definitely worth it. The Steeda stop the hop starter kit will transform the car by itself. The strut tower is good only if you don't have one already.
  6. Velossa Tech BIG MOUTH pictures

    Here's mine with the lights
  7. Angela III - Daily Driver Build Thread

    A better gauge mount It's time to upgrade from the suction mount to something more integrated into the car. I went with a cheap but nice looking option, the Glowshift 52mm Universal Single Pillar Pod. To install it the A-pillar needs to be removed. First, a push pin needs to be removed from...
  8. Angela III - Daily Driver Build Thread

    Carbon Fiber Icarus It didn't take long to show that the clear coat I used had insufficient UV protection. Just a few hours in the sun and it looked milky and terrible. I sanded the damage off of the triangles which required sanding down to the carbon itself. I found that the easiest way to...
  9. Ebay Interior Carbon Fiber

    I bought a few pieces from TPIC Store on Ali Express. They all are great quality.
  10. Raxiom Products?

    Raxiom doesn't make anything, they just sells Chinese parts with a mark up. There's nothing wrong with getting Chinese parts, but if you look you can probably find the same parts on ebay for cheaper.
  11. Manual shifter brackets

    I have the FTBR, I'm very happy with how locked in place the shifter is now. I was able to get the o-rings in well enough to minimize the rattling, but I might get a new lockout collar eventually. No complaints other than that.
  12. Angela III - Daily Driver Build Thread

    Back to Classics As much as I loved how my MP Concepts LED fender badges look when lit up, I didn't like how they looked when dark. They are bulky and really mess with the car's lines. Plus, I've never been a big fan of blacked out emblems on Grabber Blue. As Marie Kondo says, if you don't love...
  13. New Harbor Freight Recall

    Harbor Freight is awesome, but it's not the kind of place I would trust my life with. There are just some things that are worth paying a little extra for, my life being one of them.
  14. Angela III - Daily Driver Build Thread

    Yea, sometimes it's the little things that you don't want to lose, I get it. Fortunately I didn't have heated steering, and living in AZ I don't have much use for it anyway. I would think that Beith would make wheels that keeps the feature though, check it out if you don't mind the price.
  15. Angela III - Daily Driver Build Thread

    Steering clear of Trouble One of the few disappointing things in my S550 when I got it was the steering wheel. My S197 was a Base model GT and had a real leather wrapped steering wheel, but my Premium model S550 was wrapped in vinyl, go figure. Time to fix that. I went on ebay and ordered a...
  16. Steeda S550 Mustang Coupe Rear IRS Subframe Support Braces (2015-2020)

    They are absolutely worth the minimal cost. Combined with your current mods they will stiffen up the back end and make turning at speed a breeze.
  17. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    I finished installing my ebay steering wheel, I love it.
  18. eBay CF/alcantara steering wheel?

    Mine came quicker than expected. I haven't installed yet but it looks great. This is Spec-M, but like I said before it's probably the same one Youstar sells.
  19. Angela III - Daily Driver Build Thread

    Breath Free I finally got around to replacing the intake air filter. I went with AEM Dryflow Air Filter because of my main options (including AFE and Green Filter), AEM had the highest rate of particle filtering while still increasing the flow a good amount. This was important since I drive...