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  1. GT350 Side Stripes

    Match the OTT stripes.
  2. Shelby Floor mats upon delivery?

    Looks like the wrong snake.
  3. Badass Shelby Cruise filmed in 360! (video)

    As alway, nice work Tim.
  4. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    @Broid What strut tower caps are those? Good fit?
  5. New Owner with Questions

    Sounds like a great set of mods, leave it alone would be my opinion
  6. Trouble finding oil filter

    They've been out of stock for a while now.
  7. Trouble finding oil filter

    A few weeks ago Cloninger Ford in Hickory, NC had quite a few. I wouldn't pay $38 for them and saved a few bucks at But sadly LMR is out of stock.
  8. Trouble finding oil filter

    Bought one from Late Model Restoration a couple weeks ago. No stock now. Amsoil?
  9. Resonator Delete Regrets?

    Only regret is not doing it on day one. Love the sound.
  10. Rocker Stripes

    I had mine made by a local shop, wanted the 350 logo in the back.
  11. North Carolina Roll Call!!!

    Spruce Pine area?
  12. Caliperfexion does it again!

    I have LMR SVE R350 wheels and the Reverse Logic extenders do not work with them. They did with the stock wheels. Will be curious to see what the OD of the Caliperfexion product is. I checked their site and they don't have them listed that I could see.
  13. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Added the Mishimoto coolant tank and some strut tower stripes from Bemaro. Looks much better.
  14. Show your personalized plate

    BLU-OVL. Some mistake the O for a D and think Blue Devil.
  15. Official GT350 Track Attack Attendance Thread

    Midwood rocks.
  16. A moment of silence for The Queen of the Ring

    What a driver she was, so sad. Cancer sucks.
  17. New Jersey GT350 parts

    Price on spoiler? Interested.
  18. North Carolina Roll Call!!!

    Congrats, pic?
  19. Hawk 5.0 brake pads

    I've got Powerstop Z26 on mine, very low dust and overall good performance...