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  1. Not a fair comparison at all. CVT Civic vs. Mustang GT

    Haven't been able to get over the border to take the same shot with Mr. Green McQueen but that's okay because Ford (who own the building) have me covered with one of their promo shots (great minds think alike):
  2. Not a fair comparison at all. CVT Civic vs. Mustang GT

    Great place for photos while passing through. Here's one of the Caddy V-wagon I traded in to get the Bullitt (which, by the way, was faster than my Mustang and my MR2 but didn't feel as fast as either, at least not until way above legal speeds):
  3. Not a fair comparison at all. CVT Civic vs. Mustang GT

    Here she is with her OEM wheels, which I still have:
  4. Not a fair comparison at all. CVT Civic vs. Mustang GT

    Ditto on all the above sentiments, though as she is now near 30 years of age I don't push her so hard anymore.
  5. Spot the Canadian Mustang!

    Those of us up here who care about such things fill ‘er up with craft beers since the multinationals took over Molson and Labatt. 🍻
  6. Spot the Canadian Mustang!

    Besides that, we also can't use maple syrup as we're already being forced to dip into our strategic reserves:
  7. Spot the Canadian Mustang!

    Yikes. That's pretty rotten. First I heard of it. I suppose by the time I took delivery of my Bullitt at the start of 2020 the heat would have died down but my guess is that some members of this forum were pretty pissed about it. Odd that just Canadians were stuck with the wrong tach: From what...
  8. Spot the Canadian Mustang!

    Are you sure about that? I ask because that would be pretty shoddy workmanship and product delivery on the part of Ford. Defective, in fact, I would say. If you have one I guess that would be proof enough... though I would still find it very strange. And disappointing. Also, I am certain that...
  9. Spot the Canadian Mustang!

    What does the redline have to do with the KM/H and MPH? I'm not following and am curious about what you guys are talking about. By the way, my Bullitt has no block heater, everything is hunky dory with the tach, and it's easy to switch back and forth between KM/H and MPH.
  10. Winter driving

    Some days, like today, aren’t meant for driving pretty much anything. Pics taken in downtown Toronto while walking to work this morning.
  11. Winter driving

    Visiting the monastery at Saint-Benoît-du-Lac, Quebec… … which is over 400 miles from home in Toronto, Ontario. Buy the car, enjoy the car, whether winter, spring, summer or fall.
  12. Wonderful help me decide poll!

    Photos? I rented a pony package black convertible this summer in Vancouver and it looked great:
  13. Daily Driver Mods

    You could get one of these for when you’re not using your cup holders:
  14. All season tires or summer tires

    Oh no, here we go again. Bikeman315 is absolutely, totally, 100% wrong. Winter tires are not snow tires, they are tires that are designed to be better than both summer tires and all seasons in both colder temperatures and snow. All seasons are compromise tires that you might want to use if you...
  15. Road rage incident

    I can agree with a lot of this except that our government in Canada (provincial, federal, and judiciary) no more deems the rights that are good enough for us than yours does the same for you (state, federal, and judiciary). We’re also a great deal more like Americans than you suggest in many...
  16. Road rage incident

    Strike one: The first few links here take you to websites hosted by gun enthusiasts. Strike two: Snopes - Strike three: Politifact -...
  17. Road rage incident

    Actually, it was a force of 4,500 British regulars led by Major General Ross that invaded Washington and burned the White House, not a bunch of vandals from Bermuda: The 9/11 contingent were definitely terrorists by any definition, though...
  18. Road rage incident

    A 2014 review in the Annals of Internal Medicine concluded that having a firearm in the home, even when it’s properly stored, doubles your risk of becoming a victim of homicide and triples the risk of suicide: This is not the only study that comes...
  19. Road rage incident

    We don’t have much of a car jacking problem where I live. Fewer firearm problems, too: Firearm deaths per 100,000, Canada: 1.94 Firearm deaths per 100,000, Kentucky: 17.5
  20. Skipping 2nd gear in city driving

    Stock Bullitt so 3.73 final drive with the taller gears of the 2018 and up MT82.