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  1. Nx2 Turbo upgrade 93 ( Do I need hpfp) 350whp

    Just my 2 cents, but it seems the 18+ Ecoboost engines seem to make a little(25+) more power from the dyno videos I've seen.
  2. Florida Brand new unused NX2 turbo $1500 shipped

    Thank you for your input.....
  3. Florida Brand new unused NX2 turbo $1500 shipped

    You have a purchase receipt or date you got it? Not a bad price BTW.
  4. Does anyone have EB corner weights or total weights?

    Do you have an aftermarket exhaust, back seat, and or driveshaft upgrade?
  5. Time for DP

    You had to bend the heat shield? Was it because of a rattle potential?
  6. How to unplug downstream O2 sensor?

    What code did you get? You have cat or cat less down pipe?
  7. AFR going rich at WOT

    If this car(2015) has a stock intercooler start there immediately. Also I have a 2015 PP Manual and recently walnut blasted the valves which afterwards felt like 30-40HP gain.
  8. Misfire after cold start

    Thanks for information. I’m scared to check the compression... gonna throughly check for fluid leaks with fingers crossed.
  9. Misfire after cold start

    I have 87k no catch can. I didn’t have a bore cam. But my valves were coked. Stoked them in acetone and worked a toothbrush then walnut blasted them. The car recovered quite a bit of power to the point I had to relearn my shift timing from a response perspective. There was a rough idle symptom...
  10. 2016 Ecoboost Premium Misfire

    Thanks. The idle drops sometimes as well. Wondering if it time to do the purge valve again.
  11. 2016 Ecoboost Premium Misfire

    Have a similar problem. Think I have the dreaded weep. Coolant levels in my car was to the point where the overflow tank looked empty. Added coolant to Max line and within the last 2-3months noticed it's gone down to being in between Min/Max line. Getting more(once a week) misfire codes since...
  12. Castrol Edge 0w-40 European Formula

    I use this. Great cold starts from an oil pressure reading perspective. Very good oil if you can find it. Not sure there’s anything better for 4500 mile change intervals.
  13. downpipe Brand decision....

    Would you have a sound clip? Been thinking of this exact setup.
  14. Surge under WOT. No check engine light.

    i think you Nailed it. 45k on the same plugs is not what theses cars like. OP how often do you change the oil? NOT that it has anything to do with the issue.
  15. ATM Intercooler installed

    I installed an ATM(Black) IC. I had all the same experiences without a tune. This should be the First mod for an ecoboost IMHO period.