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  1. How do you stop wheel hop?

    If you're not willing to "get a whole suspension kit", you're going to have an undrivable 900 hp car that is going to sail over a sidewalk and through the bushes. You don't need to buy a kit, per se, but you need to look at the supension holistically rather than from a "I don't want wheel hop"...
  2. S550 Suspension School - Integral Link IRS

    Did you intentionally find the oldest post and then feel compelled to reply to it?
  3. Bmr Billet Aluminum diff bushings

    Dude, I have the whiteline bushings. Everyone has different thresholds for acceptable NVH, and a surefire way to increase it is to mess with the diff bushings in any form.
  4. Bmr Billet Aluminum diff bushings

    If NVH is a concern, don't touch the diff bushings.
  5. AC blowing hot/a broken pulley and belt

    Same basic thing happened to me on Christmas eve a couple years ago. I'm not sure how you didn't notice the smoke or burning smell.
  6. California Meth/Injection Question

    The PBD tune isn't going to be legal, irrespective of what meth system you use.
  7. Help identifying a part.

    I have no idea what that is beyond the fact that it's not there on 15-17s. Are they plastic? Might be part of the PP1 aero.
  8. Supercharged and oil consumption? Is this normal....

    Mine doesn't use any oil at all.
  9. Magride fault - speed limited to 80mph

    How did you "make it go away"?
  10. Did Steeda STH kit cause this?

    What's to chime in on? At least half the story is missing.
  11. Did Steeda STH kit cause this?

    At what point did he decide to use a torch on that bolt?
  12. Opinions Engine oil for ROUSH stage 2 blower 5W50?

    Amazingly, yes. BITOG is the mecca for oil-related navelgazing and the intentional misuse of time and effort.
  13. Opinions Engine oil for ROUSH stage 2 blower 5W50?

    Engine oil and an almost comical level of overthinking go together like peanut butter and jelly.
  14. Whiteline KDT933 Diff Bushings Discontinued

    Oh, well then I guess being specific about LSD type and gear ratio is much more important, then!
  15. Factory alignment

    I have had accelerated inside edge wear on my front PS4S's and PSS's, more so than with other tires. I don't think it is realistic to expect the fronts to wear evenly, no matter what the alignment is. But your toe being off will kill them much more quickly than if it was dialed in correctly.
  16. Whiteline KDT933 Diff Bushings Discontinued

    They don't, it's just that the only 3.73 (and only Torsen) from the factory is a 3.73 Torsen. That's why the two terms are used interchangeably unless stated otherwise.
  17. Factory alignment

    -1.5 degrees? That's pretty mild. Toe should be as close to zero as possible if you are trying to save your tires.
  18. Bay area dealer experiences

    I am 99% sure I need an evaporator core replacement and I am leaning towards having a dealer do it because they probably have the procedure down pretty well by this point. Does anyone have any particularly positive experience with a certain dealer service department (or independent shop) in the...
  19. AC blows hot air

    Compressor job should be a third (or so) the cost of the evaporator job. My AC died last week in 100+ degree temps, three hours from home, and I am pretty confident it is the evaporator in my case... count your blessings!
  20. Is this something new... IRS damper?

    It's to help eliminate NVH from the diff. The bolt you can see is what holds one side of the rear of the diff to the subframe.