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  1. Ecoboost Build Advice

    i dont know if the intake is worth it. more area on a filter is good but i don't think the open element is as good as a closed box. could spend that money elsewhere. maybe a better flowing tube from the airbox to the turbo would be better.
  2. Challenge: reduce revs for that first 20 sec of startup?

    these are all the PCM parameters on my ecoboost that i can control with forscan. you can manually set the rpm to any level. Not very practical to hook up a laptop every time to get a quieter start though. Use at own discretion
  3. Lightest Two Piece PP1 Rotors?

    specific heat capacity is important also ( Btu/lbm.°F )
  4. New guy. Fan question

    if you have forscan, or know someone locally with it you can control the fans. If you command the low speed fan off and it doesn't shut off then there could be a relay problem. i use the high speed control when sitting in the pits between track sessions.
  5. EcoBeast short-block

    " deck cooling jacket inserts " is an interesting, unless its marketing crap.. ..only 415lb-ft with h-beam rods?
  6. How long should I let my car warm up before driving?

    how high of oil pressure is bad for the turbo seals etc? i have seen mine peg the gauge at 100psi when leaving the garage at 60 degrees while load at 2k.
  7. 30,000 Mile, No Catch Can Report

    i was considering running some CRC GDI/turbo carbon remover after 15k on mine. Having a borescope would show how well it works, unfortunately i was only able to look at #1 valve. This could be an extended interval maintenance item if it worked. This will have to wait until spring
  8. Track Time Limited due to High CHT

    i would love to see someone develop a horizontally mounted oil cooler underneath the car with a fan. You can only have so many heat exchangers on the front. Would be interesting to see with a thermister what kind of temps are after the rearmost heat exchanger. concept: no clue how or where it...
  9. The big Intercooler thread.

    i wasn't aware there was a flow seperator on the inlet side until i got the race in my hands. Nice!
  10. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    popped my rev limiter cherry
  11. JLT catch can designed to dump oil into intake?

    one could always design a baffle that seperates the inlet and outlet sides and sits a certain distance off the bottom of the can
  12. ign corrections stock map [log]

    cobb is looking at my logs, in the mean time i switched back from the iridiums to stock plugs with no gain. this is about 300 miles?
  13. ign corrections stock map [log]

    here's another one on the stock map, this time with misfire count. ironically this is the first tank of 93 after running two tanks with some e85 blended in. there are some huge negative corrections here. interesting that on the previous log the KOM was 0.250 and now it is at 0.850. i still have...
  14. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    ordered a cvf race intercooler, although it wont get installed until spring
  15. ign corrections stock map [log]

    incase there was an issue with the log. note i am on a older version map where the knock octane modifier low is 0 and high is 1
  16. ign corrections stock map [log]

    I've been seeing a lot of negative ignition corrections on this tank of gas while on cobb stage 2 OTS even after putting a full bottle of octane booster into a half tank of 93 . Also before booster i hadnt been seeing it peak at +8 deg correction. i went back to stage 0 today before doing two...
  17. 15k piston inspection

    took the throttle body off and was able to get a peak at a valve for #1
  18. 15k piston inspection

    scoped out 2 and 3 also, forgot if the pistons weren't near the bottom that i could put a socket on the crank pulley. interesting coloration going on in the fuel bowls on these two. I'm thinking about scoping my intake, any easy access places? Unfortunately my scope doesn't have a mirror to...
  19. New FPC Z06

    LS guys are going to lose it when they hear it has 4 cams
  20. Spun my GT PP1 on the strip

    close encounter of the turd kind