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  1. HELP: Loss of Power.. Limp Home, p601a error code

    I'm on the same issue precisely! when I shift from 2nd to 3rd or 3rd to 4th. The car would loss power or it feels I'm in limp mode and the TB shuts off. I only had the P061A & P0111 when that has happened. Sent the logs to my Tuner and hopefully they get it right. Other than that, the car drives...
  2. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    I could possibly feel how happy you were! I'm hopping its not vacuum leak nor timing being off in mine! just sent the log of the spark source & MAF period as the tuner requested and hoping he would be able to narrow it down a little.
  3. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    Hey Bigg 5.0, Were you able to fix that ? bunch of things have happened with me but my tuner is almost getting it right ( let's hope ). The car drives a stock but the power level is still less than expected. The car would loss power after jumping for awhile on wot! Codes wise, P061A & P0111...
  4. Bad Tune?

    I went with the same scenario a while ago. ALL of those codes disappeared when shifting to another tuner! Some tuners really appreciate taking the time reading the logs unlike others! Still on revisions right now but no more hiccups, stall, drives like stock and pull insane.
  5. VMP Odin IAT

    Little help over here! Is it normal to see the FRP hoovering around 20000 kpa on wot ??? FIC1000 injectors
  6. Diode Dynamics LED Side Marker

    I went with AXIL just because it lights up from tip to tip.. No negative experience towards Dynamics.
  7. Anyone know what spoiler this is?

    I'm not sure but that looks as one piece trunk & spoiler !
  8. 2018-2021 SHELBY GT- H ( HOOD ) AVAILABLE NOW ^_*

    Just bought mine yesterday and it's going to be shipped overseas hopefully within couple of months. I will follow up with the install prep and everything comes after! I just pray it would come in one piece :whew:
  9. 2018-2021 SHELBY GT- H ( HOOD ) AVAILABLE NOW ^_*

    FINALY !! The SHELBY official store is under The Black Friday SALE ! We're talking %20 folks! it ma time to get the SuperSnake Hood finally! Good luck everyone!
  10. VMP Odin IAT

    I'm on Ortiz tune and he's well-known tuner. I've got a question related to the iats, should I be seeing both readings when the car is running? iat, iat2.? Cause my iat2 is stuck on the value of (-40)which is not actual reading to my understanding. As the kit provides an adapter for the factory...
  11. Had enough of aftermarket CAI & HIGH IAT's. So here's my fix.

    Well, as an Odin owner like most of those who thinks the open box is no good to our application! Then, I said lemme try on making my own closed box! I came across this thread by coincidence and thought I would share the experiment. When I installed the box I couldn't feel any changes or...
  12. Vicrez GT500 Hood for 2018+ Mustang! (journal)

    Thanks for your reply on this sir. I would think its none of those above IMO. The one on the picture looks as if it's from Aliexpress or somethin! dunno tho! But thanks for your input mate!
  13. VMP Odin IAT

    No worries my man! This is my second tuner and never had those codes with my previous tuner and thought maybe my current tuner is doing some torque managements and that's why I'm seeing those codes. We're still working on the tune which has improved the drivability waaay much compared to the ex...
  14. VMP Odin IAT

    I'm running an Odin kit and I believe the kit came up with that harness I just don't know if it is faulty or reading just fine. But the DTCs P0111&P061A which popped up after the new revised tune what concerns me.
  15. VMP Odin IAT

    Having a stuck ( -40 C ) on my Nguage ! My understanding is the IAT2 is replacing the IAT and that's why the IAT2 isn't reading actual value. will that affect my PCM or my tuner is able to bypass that?
  16. Vicrez GT500 Hood for 2018+ Mustang! (journal)

    Hi, What side rockers are those ? link plz
  17. Surging at 3100 rpms

    Man! I feel you it's madness when you want to figure what causes the issue yet the resources are limited. Good luck man, try to reach a tuner who is expert enough to take sometime reading logs!
  18. Supercharger Surge Help!

    That's good to hear! The tune I guess is the remedy to such issue! what back it up is you and others like me who has the aftermarket grille yet they don't notice any surge. Mine is on revision now and trying to find out what causes the stall at the stop then we will move to wots.
  19. p0300 and 6 other cylinder misfires

    Mine running waaay better now! no codes or whatsoever after the new revision tune. The surging is not noticeable between gears or even while stationary so I think mine was having bad tune at the beginning. About your car, how many miles ? forced induction ? tuned ? aftermarket front grille ? if...
  20. Supercharger Surge Help!

    Well, the idea seemed legit but the functionality has to be at least tested. Wanna take the bet friend! I myself did make a close box to the Odin and blocked the driver side probably %75 and that didn't help much. However, I just flashed the revision tune then BAAAM!!! Surging is gone during...