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  1. Ebay Headers (2021)

    But how’s the 2011 design fit in the 2018+ engine bay?
  2. Dynomax or Vibrant resonator

    I didn’t notice much with the dynomax, honestly. I had to get rid of xx-pipe and go back to a mid muffler (solo cyclone) to get the sound reduction I was looking for. My axle back is 2 helmholtz resonators only so it got pretty loud.
  3. New York Thermal R&D Race Axle-Back, MBRP H Pipe

    Sorry, I’ll delete
  4. South Carolina 2018+ manifold and throttle body

    Noticed the common roots sticker- they are right around the corner from us. Almost mistook this for a local offer
  5. Best exhaust?

    I had MBRP street and didn’t like it. Loud at all the wrong times and mellow at WOT.
  6. 2019 GT C&L muffler delete before and after. Both cold starts.

    Is it from stock resonator? Or part of the shipping and packing?
  7. Quietest GT Exhaust + Power Train Mount Swap

    I’d stay stock here. You can find some “no drone” Catbacks that are very quiet at cruise but the start up will still be louder
  8. Idle Relearn

    This is what's recommended on a throttle body install, assume it's the same: Idle for 5 minutes in Neutral Idle for 1 minute with A/C on As for a full PCM relearn, you can look up "KAM reset" and find the procedures. This includes fuel trims and distance to empty on your dashboard
  9. Virginia Borla 3" Resonator 60661

    So the inlet is 2.25 stepped up to 3” right before? And what’s the inside view look like? X pipe or straight through?
  10. Lost on exhaust setup ideas

    What brand of resonators? Still, 20” is pretty long and if that didn’t make a difference I probably shouldn’t bark up that tree
  11. Lost on exhaust setup ideas

    I’m not enjoying the MBRP street at all. Angry minivan sound. Looking for something to weld into the mid pipe then go back to a race style axle back
  12. best exhaust for GT????

    Is the space about filled with 2 Vibrants? (4” wide each) I also looked at Borla straight through but they’re 5” wide
  13. best exhaust for GT????

    Any good options for a center muffler that can be welded in? I have a super aggressive axle back currently uninstalled since I added an X pipe. Looked at vibrant 1794 or two magnaflow bullets. Not sure if that provides any meaningful volume reduction. Any opinion on something like this?
  14. best exhaust for GT????

    yeah. It can be quiet at cruise. It’s just an angry Uhaul truck sound when I get on the throttle. I wanted corsa but cheaped out
  15. best exhaust for GT????

    Could not agree more. I just installed and am very disappointed all around. Not to mention sad I wasted the cash.
  16. Steeda Axle Back- 3” or 2.5?

    Thanks! Appreciate the feedback
  17. Steeda Axle Back- 3” or 2.5?

    does anyone know the piping diameter of this axle back? 3” or 2.5-2.75”?
  18. New York Thermal R&D Race Axle-Back, MBRP H Pipe

    Full catback system for sale, whole or by piece. Thermal R&D Axle Back. 3" system, axle-back only. It's just resonators, no mufflers, loud and smooth. 2k miles only MBRP 3" H-Pipe. I am running the street mufflers, never installed the H pipe. $500 + shipping, offers accepted for either...
  19. Barton shifter bracket thoughts

    Also cheaper
  20. Barton shifter bracket thoughts

    I installed a Boomba one which looks identical. The shift feel does improve, less slop in the handle, but not sure it’s worth the purchase price honestly.