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  1. Cool Tech's 350/350R Brake Duct Completion Kit

    @svttim Yea, I was by no means suggesting to order those, just showing that someone has provided some real life data, or maybe I should say info, as to what has seemed to work more efficiently to cool. Kevin, "honeybadger" is on this as well and hopefully we will hear back from him, as I trust...
  2. Cool Tech's 350/350R Brake Duct Completion Kit

    I have been reading quite a lot about this and was ready to crank up the plasma and tig and follow a similar path with the direct hose line design honeybadger did since all the kits said no magnaride, but paused once I saw these deflector coolers and Vorshlags' and what their testing said. While...
  3. Custom Painted Plastic Value covers ????

    Yes, super easy to do yourself. My first set I did. Did same as bjstang above scuffed, primed, painted, then clear coated. One trick I will share that I came up with is, I fill the lettering and lines with white glue prior to any primer or paint and let it cure before spraying anything...
  4. Show your personalized plate

    I always try to play on words with plates when I can with more than one meaning. Knew everyone was using some variation of Voodoo and being from New Orleans with all the voodoo history I knew the definition of voodoo is black magic. Plus with the color of my car this seemed perfect.
  5. Colorado TPMS35 F2GZ-1A189-A

    Are these the original OEM that came in the factory wheels or purchased later?
  6. Serious Question '19 GT350 or '15 Z06

    I can relate to jonuf78. I was a P car track guy for 20+ years and when this purchase was coming up my mind was made up. I was dead set on ordering a C7 ZO6. I thought they finally nailed it. Supercar specs without that exact maintenance cost or price tag and they finally did something with...
  7. Connecticut SOLD

    PM Sent
  8. California FS: SPORT CUP 2

    Sold or still for sale? Tried to PM