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  1. Hagerty or Grundy Insurance?

    I've had Hagerty for several years on one of my cars. Grundy was less cost per year but there were more restrictions for use with Grundy. Other than not being able to use it to commute to work, Hagerty didn't really have many restrictions. There are options for mileage per year. This is for...
  2. Brembo front caliper decal

    +1 on the Amazon decals. Painted calipers, clear coated over the decals. Only been on 6 months or so but no issues yet.
  3. Add Paint Protection Film?

    Yes, let the paint cure/out gas PPF works and with a good install it's difficult tell it's on the vehicle.
  4. Best spray paint (rattle can) for exterior parts

    I've had good luck with Automotive Touchup Not specifically used it for emblems but on repairs and replacement panels
  5. 2018 Rear Wheel Bearing on a 2016

    If you trust rockauto the listings show the same part fits 15-21
  6. Liquid courage + time to kill + ScotchBrite pads =

    I read the title and thought this could be amusing. Fantastic! Like others I hate the chrome. This is added to my project list.
  7. Paint Protection Film Expectations

    Once it lifts it's done, the adhesive is contaminated. Talk to the installer, xpel warranty covers lifting.
  8. GLoc GS-1's Clunk Around

    A friend recently installed the GS-1's and called me with the same complaint. This was right after the install and bed-in. I suggested he do some more hard braking, not necessarily a full bed-in process. That solved the issue for him.
  9. Broken front sway bar bolt

    If it helps anyone, M12-1.75 My application with the aftermarket mounts the length was 40mm
  10. Broken front sway bar bolt

    Agreed, that's probably the best option. I looked at a few online vendors and didn't find the hardware info needed.
  11. Broken front sway bar bolt

    Front sway bar bolt head broke off, frame mount not end link. Bar is aftermarket with billet mounts (installed by previous owner). Anyone know what thread and length of bolt? It needs to be a socket head screw so ordering oem hardware won't help.
  12. Higher mileage (50k+ miles) manual cars, check your clutch pedals

    Sorry if I missed it but is the replacement part updated with a better weld or did you add a better weld yourself?
  13. Brake failure!

    What were the weather conditions? A layer of water between the pads and rotors can cause the issue you're describing. It can happen while driving in rain and even if the vehicle sits out in the weather. Not a bad idea to inspect the brake system also.
  14. Anybody here still work out?

    I’ve always stayed active and have had a home gym for years and a free gym membership at times (work pays for it). My schedule stays busy so the time savings having a home gym makes a difference. Plus the lack of gym etiquette typically found at commercial gyms is frustrating lol. My setup...
  15. Big dogs & Mustangs....

    I'll have to get some pics. I bought one of those seat covers that attach to the headrest (have Recaro's and use the harness holes). My 100+lb Rottweiler likes her roadtrips but it's easier in the suv.