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  1. Surging at 3100 rpms

    Very interesting. Might have to try that. I have the MP concepts upper grill which is very open. Still no resolution from Lund. Unfortunately just broke the 3-4 shift fork and car will probably be down rest of the year at this rate.
  2. Surging at 3100 rpms

    I am running into a similar issue as well with on/off throttle at low speeds. But I am Vortech supercharged. Surging/bucking for a second then goes away. Sent logs to Lund and was also told driver induced.
  3. FML... HAIL.

    Wow! I am up towards Syracuse/Camillus area and it was pretty crazy but thankfully did not get any hail.
  4. Stainless Power Headers Special from RDP Store

    May I get a quote for part # SM15HCAT Stainless Power? Thank you!