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  1. Will a factory 2018 Mustang Ecoboost engine also fit my 2015 Ecoboost Mustang for a potential swap!?

    So.. can anyone answer whether or not a 2018+ 2.3L is a direct swap for a 2015-2017 2.3L?.. I've spoken to a few mechanics and they tell me it is however I have no way of verifying that.. Guess I'll find out the hard way.
  2. P0234: Turbocharger Overboost Condition

    My car is stock besides the green filter.. I've had the overboost condition happen to me several times in the past 3 years.. I have an OBD reader and see the code as well, it usually happens when it's really hot out. I too get compressor surge, sounds cool but the car has no power Lol. I just...
  3. FS: My 2015 GT/PP

    You still have the stock wheels? Any interest in selling those? Lol..
  4. OMG Loudest Supercharger Whine

    I love supercharger whine.. just like I love turbo whistle.. but I love it outside the cabin, not inside Lol.. that could get annoying after a while. Sounds awesome tho.
  5. What did you name your car?

    I call mine: "Car" Or sometimes I refer to it as the "Batmobile" But yeah.. mostly just "car" :D
  6. Tired of exhaust options

    I have heard a few EB's with exhaust just driving around randomly.. I have no idea what their setups were but honestly they all sound absolutely terrible.. I honestly believe the best sound/performance is a muffler delete and a resonator delete if you so choose.
  7. Good Luck

    At first the center line of the forecast cone put the eye literally right over my house.. now as of the 5pm update it's taking a more westerly trajectory and appears it will make a direct impact on Naples. It can still swing east and come right through Homestead/Miami/Ft Lauderdale but it...
  8. Good Luck

    Undergoing final prep for Irma.. expecting landfall Sunday morning. All Florida residents already know prepare for the worst and hope for the best. ;) See you guys on the other side... be safe out there and take care of those ponies.
  9. resonance in cabin?

    What do you mean the interior "booms" ?.. Do you mean Drone?.. I get drone right around that rpm with my muffler delete.. Did you try unplugging the microphone for the sound symposer see if it makes any difference?
  10. Questions about venting to atmosphere and intercoolers

    At first I had the tube dangling.. eventually I disconnected all together because I was trying to change the sound of it.. Lol. :D I bought an HKS fin and various diameter tubes to experiment changing the sound of the blow off.. it did change slightly but it wasn't enough to justify the cost of...
  11. Painters Tape Front End?

    I'd rather mask of the front and spray it with plasti dip Lol.. seems easier and faster, not sure if it would offer the same level of protection tho.. I'd think it would be comparable.
  12. Magneride or 401a and LCD?

    People keep bringing up this LCD gauge cluster as if it's the greatest thing ever. From what I gather it's nothing even close to the Audi system with the built in NAV etc etc.. to me it looks like it's just digital gauges.. I don't get the hype. Is it nice? sure.. would I pay extra for it...
  13. Questions about venting to atmosphere and intercoolers

    I've been driving my car with the recirculation tube removed for about a year and a half.. no issues so far. When I get a oil change I just put it back on.. although last time I took it to the dealer for the AC Evap repair/oil change I had it removed and they didn't care. The intercooler can...
  14. CAI vs K&N - Cobb V3 Stage 1

    I haven't heard anyone say that any CAI is better than the stock box with a high flow filter.. not sure were you're getting that from. Everyone here seems to believe that the stock box with a drilled out grille inlet, air raid modular tube and a green filter/K&N is the best choice for...
  15. Mustang RS

    We went from a 30hp power increase to $20,000 in just wheels and suspension.. Lol.. I most definitely would not want a $50k+ ecoboost mustang.. I really think eventually they will go dual fuel with the 2.3, I believe the new 3 cylinder 1.5L is getting it, the 2.7 and 3.5's have it.. the...
  16. Mustang RS

    I first heard that the 18 EB was getting 320HP and 340lb/ft of Torque, not sure if that's still true but if it is, it puts it close to Focus RS range. That being said, I believe it's basically the same motor, the only real difference performance wise is a slightly, barely noticeably, bigger...
  17. Tustin Ford did........ Nothing

    It's a crap shoot with dealers.. I wasn't happy with my dealer the first couple times I got my car serviced. Took 4+ hours to get a oil change and they didn't even put air in my tires after rotating them. On top of that I make appointments with them every time I visit, I still had to wait 30+...
  18. Cars & Coffee Miami on 8-12-17

    Where is it?..
  19. Mustang v6 potential buy?

    Honestly, that does not seem like a good deal to me.. it's a used Rental car, definitely has been abused.. My nearest local dealer has about 7 brand new 0 mile 2017 V6's sitting on their lot.. they're listed at 20k-ish.. you could probably talk them down to 18k.. maybe use x plan and ask about...
  20. 2017 Roush spolier trunk swap / wtt

    Why exactly do you want to swap? if you don't mind me asking..