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  1. Wanna see your car in print? (ProCharger Catalogue)

    stage 2 p1sc long tubes lund tune
  2. Georgia 2018 Intake Manifold w/Lockouts + Ford LU47 47# Injectors

    how much picked up? im in kennesaw
  3. HOLY SMOKES 951 rwhp from P-1X !!!!

    so roughly how many lbs is that? i cant wait to see what my D1x plus built motor can do!
  4. Hellion Street Sleeper turbo kit install pics and review

    My car is bagged and I’m thinking of going with this kit and selling my procharger but I’m just worried about clearance. Killer write up and thank you for all the detailed pics!
  5. 2018 GT PP lower rear valence/diffuser - questions

  6. 2018 GT PP lower rear valence/diffuser - questions

    It was the best I could do with one hand holding and the other taking the pic. Lol but it's just to show that the 15-17 is a straight line and the 18 has the dip upward in it.
  7. 2018 GT PP lower rear valence/diffuser - questions

    If this pic works Mustang
  8. New - Beefcake Special 3.6 / BV57 BOV Package!!! For Paxton / Vortech

    This may be a dumb question, and i assume its possible but also im not 100 percent sure, but can the maxflo 360 or This Bov for example be used with a procharger if you weld the correct flange to the pipe?
  9. Anyone want to see a BW top mount twin kit?

    You are 100 percent correct, I never thought about it that way. And everyone knows boostworks only releases the best!
  10. Anyone want to see a BW top mount twin kit?

    i appreciate the response, i understand that its more efficient, my real question that i worded horribly is more so, is it possible to get a horizontal bar and fin intercooler, i am by no means building a race car. I just was wondering if the advantages or disadvantages are significant. my main...
  11. Anyone want to see a BW top mount twin kit?

    i know this is really dumb to most people and im sure no one cares, but is there a way to Do a TT setup, But have a horizontal bar and not vertical? i know there is a reason you guys do it that way, i am honestly just wondering what the advantages are, and why the other would be a horrible idea.
  12. MBRP Street exhaust question

    when i first got my car, i bought a magnaflow Street catback and it was extremely quiet, so i then got a MBRP Street Catback but kept the Magnaflow X pipe, It sounded so much better and different, now i have the same setup but with Catless SP long tubes, inside the car its not too crazy, but...
  13. █ 15-16 Ford Mustang GT350 Style Front Bumper Conversion | Lips | Trunk Spoilers █

    i sent a message about a bumper a month ago and never got a response, i guess that explains it. im about to send another message
  14. Blow Off Valve Comparison

    can you run this bov on a procharger setup?
  15. Made the switch from 93 to E85

    E85 is awesome! Very nice numbers!
  16. Group buy for Cardinal red Katzkin seat skins for the 15+ Mustang. $499 shipped!

    Very good price! How much would it be to order a set without black piping?
  17. Flex fuel questions..

    THIS^^^ I ordered SP headers PMAS intake Nguage and Lund FF tune last week from beefcake, and its almost like he knew i was gonna order it and had it on its way before i even paid, Never in my life other than amazon prime have i experienced such fast shipping!!! now i wait the 7-10 days for the...
  18. Ticking in brand new car

    my guess would be an exhaust leak, i picked up a 16 and it had the same type sound, it turned out to be the driver side pipe had a kink in it coming off the header but before the factory resonator.