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  1. What have people paid in the last week, discount plus zero?

    I think, at least with the performance models, those stealerships feel that people will still come and pay top dollar as soon as the sanctions are lifted. I was looking at a 2019 GT350 in an adjacent state that was listed at MSRP. When I offered a lower price (below invoice), they said "we...
  2. What have people paid in the last week, discount plus zero?

    FTFY There are dealers out there providing very large discounts and there are dealers that aren't. Last weekend I found a dealership with two 2019 GT350s and they both still had $20k ADM. Literally dozens of other dealers asking invoice for remaining 2019 GT350s. My guess is that they were...
  3. Financial options on 2018 Mustang GT

    With Bank of America? Is the subject car a private sale? Reason I ask is that BoA is offering rates "as low as" 2.99% for used from a participating dealer... 5.49% for private sales.
  4. 2020 GT350 GT350R VIN Spreadsheet Thread

    I've pretty much given up on finding a new 2019 in a configuration I want, so I thought about holding out for an iconic silver 2020... or just give up on getting a new GT350 all together. Then I see in the spreadsheet that my local dealer is getting one 2020 GT350, loaded in iconic silver. If...
  5. Best sites to find remaining 2019 GT350 for sale.....

    The Ford site is probably your best bet. Enter your zip, and you can change the distance to 500 in the URL (the pulldown only goes to 100). Find a car you like, you can see the window sticker there (check the blend date for an estimate of time on the lot) and there's also a link to the...
  6. Enclosed auto transport -recommendations and approximate cost

    I got three quotes a couple weeks ago for 1600(?) miles. Reliable and Intercity, who are regarded as two of the best, were $2250 and $2000. The third was a broker who quoted $1650. My deal didn't pan out, but I would have had Intercity do it for a little more peace of mind. I thought it...
  7. Big Discounts on GT350s???? Worth Buying????

    That's nuts. I've been looking since early March (had one sold out from under me for $58k), then the pandemic hit, similar situation, etc... Job outlook is better, so I'm looking again. MN seems to have the best deals, but still most are just shy of $60k. I put all of the remaining 2019...
  8. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    I stared at the picture longer than I will admit trying to figure out what AQI L85 was supposed to mean before I actually read your post. :crazy:
  9. Need nationwide GT vehicle search help. Thx.

    If you're looking new, use the Ford search, change the zip code, repeat, repeat, repeat. You can enter GT Premium, 401A, the trans and the colors you want. It searches 2019 and 2020. Click on the car and you can see the window sticker and there's a link to the dealer's website...
  10. Good deal?

    It has a June '18 blend date on the window sticker, it's not even 2 years old yet. OP, so it still has original warranty and is eligible for extended if that's what you want. I don't think the price is that bad, but definitely worth haggling. I think it's a good looking car.
  11. Picture of Gurney Flap decal

    So... Is that a yes, the non-handling pack spoiler has the same provisions to mount the Gurney flap? :wink:
  12. Picture of Gurney Flap decal

    Hate to resurrect an old thread, but... Does the non-handling pack spoiler have provisions to mount the Gurney flap? I'm shopping new online and found a car without the package, but it's priced low enough that buying the components separately wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.
  13. 2017 or 2019?

    ...and $58k for a "well equipped" 2019 is still a bit of a unicorn. Finding a 2017 for $48k is much easier.
  14. New 2019 Shelby GT350 Pricing advice

    YMMV. Sounds like you got a great deal, but I think some dealers, especially those who got large ADMs last year, are holding strong assuming that we will all flock back in after the pandemic to give them bags of cash for these rare performance cars... at least that's how my last two dealers acted.
  15. Shipping notice today

    Edit: Maybe I'm just paranoid.
  16. New 2019 Shelby GT350 Pricing advice

    I'll have to look at that one again. I wasn't considering black due to upkeep, but I saw the picture of yours that you posted in another thread, that car is gorgeous!
  17. New 2019 Shelby GT350 Pricing advice

    Hey neighbor! I called on that car in early March, pre-pandemic, offered $52k OTD. They basically told me to f'k off. I've been shopping what's left of the 2019s, and know who has what left in the PNW. I've called on two, offering $59k for roughly $66k MSRP. Both said that they wouldn't go...
  18. Dealer has new 2019 GT350 what to offer ?

    TL;DR That's a good deal and you likely won't pay much less. I've been dealing on two cars over the last week. One, they had listed as "call for price", so I thought that meant 'too low to show'... nope, they gave me a story about how it was $10k over MSRP, "Ford Performance, rare car, blah...
  19. Do fake badges bug people as much as it does me?

    Badging up to a trim that your car isn't is just sad. I had a '72 coupe at one time and my FIL told me I should put stripes on it and call it a Mach 1.... it wasn't even the correct BODY. That being said, after seeing a Ford demo GT with the "Powered by Ford" fender badges instead of "GT", I...
  20. The Down and Dirty ADM Thread

    Inquired on a 2019 listed as "call for price". Most remaining inventory in my area are listed under MSRP... they were still asking $10k over. While the car has 13 miles and has spent the last 10 months on the showroom floor, I let them know that I was looking at what is basically $10k under...