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  1. Ford Debuts 2022 Shelby GT500 Heritage Edition and 2022 Mustang EcoBoost Coastal Edition

    My eyeballs must be broken because this modern Brittany Blue just looks like a silver metallic to me?
  2. Stealth Edition 2022 Mustang Announced & California Special Adds GT Performance Package

    Yeah it's concerning that you can't get the CS in green. It's gonna suck if that is a GT500 exclusive...
  3. 2021 Tan Seats???

    I love the saddle brown seats although I wish the entire seat was brown. I like the ceramic too although I'd worry about staining and discoloration being more obvious as it ages.
  4. Eruption green?

    Jury seems out since it looks different depending on the pics but Eruption Green appears a bit lighter and more akin to the original Highland Green than the modern Dark Highland Green unique to the Bullitt Mustangs. Conversely, in some of the more saturated pics released by Ford, Eruption Green...
  5. '22 Model Year information

    I'd love to see an actual pic of an Eruption Green Mustang. It looks good on the Bronco but I've yet to even see any renderings of an EG Mustang.

    I just love this blue. I wish it had been more widely available. I had sorely wanted it for the new Bronco as well!
  7. '22MY Mustang colors (including paint codes)

    Yeah, I'm guessing it would be a lighter shade than Velocity Blue?
  8. '22MY Mustang colors (including paint codes)

    Yeah, personally I think Twister Orange is far more attractive than "Cyber Orange" (aka School Bus Yellow)...
  9. '22MY Mustang colors (including paint codes)

    Thanks for posting this! I wonder if any of these will be GT500 (or otherwise trim) specific?