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  1. GT350 or Mach 1

    Why not both? Thinking of getting a Mach 1 to supplement my 2019 GT350. Figure the Mach 1 more for daily driving around town, and save the GT350 for when I can really open it up on open highways.
  2. Getting near that depressing time of year-Winter storage

    On a side note, I saw a guy in his GT500 at a Dunkin Donuts drive through the other day. It was 25° at the time, with the morning starting out at 10°. I went up to him and said "what are you doing driving around in this cold with that car and those tires(PS4's)? You must be sliding all over"...
  3. Getting near that depressing time of year-Winter storage

    We're talking GT350's, not regular Mustang GT's. Those tires don't even come close enough in size for a GT350.
  4. Mixing tires: PS4S front, SC2 rear?

    Where did you read this?
  5. GT350 Barn Find

    My SIL and daughter are buying some farmland in NH. I told him to check all the nearby barns up there.
  6. Mach 1 Cover

    Would ordering a cover made for the GT500 work? Covercraft offers the option to fit the GT500 with the Track Package, which has a large rear wing.
  7. Mixing tires: PS4S front, SC2 rear?

    That's what I saw also, and will go PSS's when my SC2's wear out.
  8. Mixing tires: PS4S front, SC2 rear?

    I meant the PSS for all four wheels, not mixed. They're the only other ones that came in the right size for the GT350. While the 4S may be a better tire, they don't come in the sizes fo the standard GT350.
  9. GT350 or Mach 1

    Here's another question to ponder. Already have a 2019 GT350, and love it. Now thinking about adding a Mach 1 Premium, along with the handling package. The question is manual or automatic? I know most everyone will say manual. But I have that in the GT350. And as great as it is, daily driving...
  10. Prices are on the rise......

    I'm not sure I'd call that crazy prices, especially for the 2019. When bought new, they probably paid a 5k-10k ADM. So at a $72.6 hammer, they got their money back, and got to drive it free for 2 years.
  11. Mixing tires: PS4S front, SC2 rear?

    Why not go with Super Sports? They come in the correct sizes for the GT350. I can't imagine mixing tire brands on a high performance car.
  12. Insurance for GT350

    I have Travelers, and found them to be the cheapest to insure the GT350. I already was insuring 3 cars(mine, wife, and son). When I called to ask how much more to add the GT350, they quoted me at $403/6 months. I asked are you sure, as others were telling me over $800/6 months? They said it's...
  13. GT350 breakover angle?

    I'm seeing it listed at 4".
  14. What is your process for cleaning the Air Raid/FP Dry Air Filter?

    Haven't cleaned mine yet, as I only have the car fo a year now, but have the same type filter on my F150. Like the instructions say, check/clean it every 30k-50k miles. If it looks dirty clean it. I use the Air Raid cleaning solution. You just spray it on, let it soak awhile, and rinse gently...
  15. GT350 breakover angle?

    You're talking about products like SLiPLO. They help, but not meant for twice daily scraping like he'd encounter coming in and out of his garage. They will wear down quickly. Plus, if the angle is too great, the splitter will bend to the point of cracking.
  16. GT350 breakover angle?

    It's your splitter that will be bottoming out, to the point of cracking. I find even going up the apron of some driveway entrances into prking lots, I scrape the bottom of the splinter.
  17. Hello gearheads

    Guess it all depends on how you drive. My PS2's have 5,600 miles on them, and still look barely worn.
  18. Took my first 24 hour test drive today

    I'd like to know what dealer lets you take a GT350 for a 24hr test drive?
  19. Hello gearheads

    The P Zero is in the same catergory as Super Sports. The Cup 2's are a street/competition tire. Go with the Super Sports. It's store from December to about mid to late April, weather dependant. No, you shouldn't start it and let it idle. Condensation will build up in engine and exhaust, as the...
  20. Hello gearheads

    I too bought my GT350 in beginning of December last year. Drove it for maybe 2 weeks, then the cold weather came, and put it away for Winter. Btw, don't drive with PS2's in weather below 40°, they can crack. I love the PS2's for the grip, but they do tramline, especially until they warm up. And...