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  1. Introduce yourself!!

    Salut Yves, Welcome to the world of Mustang / Bienvenue dans le monde des Mustangs From a guy who has Miss Scarlet a 2020 Mustang GT Premium 10 A with a license plate PONY64
  2. Ordered cars

    I did too to have rapid red and showstopper red seats, but not the black accent.
  3. Ordered cars

    Same colour Rapid Red and Showstopper Red seat like my 2020 GT Premium.
  4. Ordered cars

    Have fun with your new Mustang when she arrive ...
  5. Introduce yourself!!

    Urnasty, I got a 2020 GT Premium, Rapid Red, 10 auto.
  6. Got my first ever 'muffler' ticket haha

    Were you somewhere in Canada? Your ticket is in English and French.
  7. Ordered cars

    Last year, I ordered my 2020 GT Premium Rapid Red on 22 April 2020 and I got her at the Ford Dealer on 13 August 2020. It took in total 113 days (15 weeks/4 months)). The plant was shut down for almost 2 months in March-April 2020. Please find a picture of my Mustang called Miss Scarlet...
  8. Custom Plates?

    I am one day younger than the Mustang. I was born on 18 April 1964. I did 36 years in the Canadian Army (9 years) and the Royal Canadian Air Force (27 years). I started as a private (E1) in the Army then I went up to Captain (O3) in the Air Force when I retired. That why I have a license plate...
  9. Custom Plates?

    I like this one.:like::shock:
  10. Introduce yourself!!

    Wow it looks great! What is the colour (Rapid Red)? Automatic or manual? PP1 or PP2?
  11. Magnetic Metallic vs. Velocity Blue vs. Rapid Red

    No surprise that it is the same red (colour Code D4) except the name.
  12. Magnetic Metallic vs. Velocity Blue vs. Rapid Red

    In Canada and USA the code for Rapid Red is D4. What is colour code for Lucid Red?
  13. Magnetic Metallic vs. Velocity Blue vs. Rapid Red

    Rapid Red is the best.:like:
  14. Window Sticker - How Have You Kept It ?

    I keep the original window sticker in the folder with all other original document including the brochure of my 2020 GT Premium. I made some photocopies in colour in the original format which I keep one in the car.
  15. Introduce yourself!!

  16. Introduce yourself!!

    Hello, I got my new 2020 Mustang GT Premium Rapid Red on 13 August 2020 with a 10 speed automatic. I am a Veteran from the Royal Canadian Air Force. I started at the rank of Private and I retired at the rank of Captain after 36 years of service.