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  1. Mp concepts gt350 bumper with RTR

    Hmm I see what you're saying, but if the corner lights fit I'm sure the whole thing does. Maybe he just wanted to show off his intercooler
  2. Mp concepts gt350 bumper with RTR

    Wow that actually looks pretty good. Thanks man!
  3. Mp concepts gt350 bumper with RTR

    Hey all, I just recently purchased the mp concepts gt350 style front bumper for my mustang gt 2016 and was wondering if my RTR grill with the lights will fit? Has anyone tried this and had luck?
  4. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    After I turn the air conditioning OFF, air is still blowing based on the last setting that was on. Anyone else have this problem?
  5. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    What's the highest Android firmware the unit can support? I want it to atleast run on Android 6
  6. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    Where should we get the additional cooling fans from?
  7. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    If I bought the one from Phoenixandroidradios and it doesn't come with android 6.0, will I be able to update?
  8. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    I just bought a unit from Phoenixandroidradios, does this unit work with an aftermarket amp for speakers?
  9. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    I'm looking to buy a good quality Tesla style unit. Which model should I go with? I want the one with the best processor. Idk if I should look on ebay or contact someone on here. Thanks guys. Is the one on phoenixandroidradio a good buy? It has where you can select the 1 gb or 2gb version.
  10. Diode Dynamics LED boards and demon eye DIY

    Wow amazing video, maybe it'll give me enough confidence to finally crack my lights open and install the leds
  11. RASPY with the ARH off-road longtubes...

    Yeah because a video was never released and I'm in the same situation, I ordered some vibrant resonators but I still want to see how it'll sound before I put them on
  12. RASPY with the ARH off-road longtubes...

    Video with the resonators installed? I want it to still be louder than the xtremes.
  13. Corsa Extremes maybe too loud

    Hahaha. I have the extremes and I just ordered Catless ARH.
  14. Headers Installed... But No Joy

    I'll soon be running the Corsa extremes with the Texas Catless headers lol
  15. Free install with the retail purchase of any Whipple system!!

    In Georgia... Not too far of a drive
  16. Corsa Extreme Cat-Back Feedback

    This is what I'm thinking about doing. Do you know if it'll still be loud like the extremes but just deeper?
  17. Corsa Extreme Cat-Back Feedback

    Is there anything I can do to the extreme setup when I get headers to make it a bit deeper and not so loud
  18. Corsa Extreme Cat-Back Feedback

    I just got the extremes and love them. It's so nice in cabin and I can be quiet in the neighborhood when I need to. It'll be a different ballgame when I get headers though. I'm kind of scared.
  19. Price lowered 225 Pmas Ngauge Combo Free Unlock from Lund

    It may be hard selling this until after Xmas because lethal is having a bundle for pmas+Ngauge+tune for 709