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  1. Ford M-10849-A boost/vacuum, oil pressure guage

    open too reasonable offers !!!!!
  2. Ford M-10849-A boost/vacuum, oil pressure guage

    Brand new M-10849-A 200.00 shipped in the states do have paypal

    I think it might be a sct issue , I got 1 from vmp a week ago with a couple tunes , loaded 1 and the car ran like shit, real lazy dowm low bucked above 4k rpm , no warning lights tho , I thought hmm loaded the ford tune back in ( running ford pp2 ) come too find out I had a ton of communication...

    Did you look too see if you need a update from sct ?
  5. Ordering ngauge

    that would be correct
  6. Problems with my Power Pack 2

    my 17 does it too, its omost like your rideing the clutch but your not ..
  7. POLL: Satisfaction with Ford Performance Power Pack 2

    So whats the revision number of the tune or tune file number ?
  8. Anyone else keeping their S550 at/near stock?

    I must have a real issues then ........ ford performance sport cat back ford performance PP2 steeda jack rails steeda clutch spring steeda trans mount Roush wheels next up bmr lockout I don't even have a 1000 miles on the car yet ...
  9. get another pro cal tool?

    You should get ahold of the owner since he probably has the stock calibration 2 ....