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  1. Shelby GT350 Garage Photos

    I get some pretty nasty dirt in mine from the winter and you can see it on top a bit but its really not bad. Still the best option I think. Just have to pull it all out in the spring.
  2. Black Poop (aka Mustang Underseal)

    Interesting Read, I was doing a tour through a personal friend in Flatrock when Ford was setting up the booth for the undercoating for the first Euro cars to ship April of 15.
  3. Shelby GT350 Garage Photos

    These videos are interesting. I put dents in my swisstrax the first time i jacked up my car. Now I put a board under it. I'll have to see if I have a picture on my phone.
  4. Anyone trade their GT350R for a Cayman GT4?

    This is really the first car I've had that I dont think I'll ever want to get rid of, just add another. I'm also at a point in my life where I have enough means to make those types of choices as well.
  5. Comparing Ford ESP extended warranties - BaseCare vs ExtraCare vs PremiumCare

    To revive it again, mine more than paid for itself on my 2012 superduty, is close on my 18 Raptor and I still have 4 years and 65k miles left and trying to decide on which for my 19 GT350R. I usually always go premium care because of all the electronics etc, but am working to decide between...
  6. Anyone trade their GT350R for a Cayman GT4?

    FWIW, I've driven both and shopped both in 2020. I ended up with the GT350R. Unless you are on a track all the time I think its the better option. And obviously a ton of fun on the track too. I also felt the GT4 is too small, I prefer a bigger american car. In Porsche I prefer the size of...
  7. Anyone trade their GT350R for a Cayman GT4?

    In 2020 this wouldnt hvae been a debate. I found a 2016 GT4, 30k miles, great owner for 76k. GT350R were 57-65k at the time. In todays world, completely different issue. I didnt know what i wanted then, and ended up with the R and am very happy. I'd love to have the option to have both.
  8. Anyone trade their GT350R for a Cayman GT4?

    Give this man an award!
  9. Pilot Sport 4S on GT350R with 295 / 305 fitment

    Thanks, do you happen to have any pictures?
  10. Pilot Sport 4S on GT350R with 295 / 305 fitment

    Looks like I'm going to be the first?
  11. Pilot Sport 4S on GT350R with 295 / 305 fitment

    I've read through all the threads on running 4s on the Gt350R. I saw Billys posts about how he preferred 295/305 as a fitment on the R vs the 305/325. Now of course there is the option for a 315, but as I have read its more about tread width. I have a personal friend that has worked with...
  12. Seat wear.

    Sure have, i used it for one day in the mountains after I got my car this summer and have really bad wear. I'm expecting they will warranty it. Really bugs me. I was with 100 ish other cars and went around looking in peoples windows and some used it , some didn't and it was hit or miss if it...
  13. i can’t be the only one who runs regular in a GT right?

    When I had my 15 GT i used to run regular in it all the time. I forget where i found it but on premium it made 4 HP more, why bother.......... My Raptor is a much different animal , its increase with Premium is noticiable, i believe just under 10 percent..... which is 40 ish HP..... GT350R...
  14. Life After The GT350R?

    There is only life in "addition" to the GT350R, not after
  15. How to repair exposed carbon fiber wheels.

    Got it. I may PM you if you don't mind. Have a few questions in regards to that because it seems to flake very easily and I also want to be able to run my Carbons.
  16. How to repair exposed carbon fiber wheels.

    @Tomster , any chance you have found a way to repair the white coating on the GT350R wheels?
  17. GT350R Heritage

    I think its funny you all are debating all this while I'm just out driving and enjoying my car :crackup:
  18. FL-2087 oil filter

    correct, the manual actually says failure to use the 2087 may end in severe engine damage or something of the sort, id have to go dig it up again
  19. FL-2087 oil filter

    looks like it might have some plastic reinforcement inside like the AMsoil, hard to tell from that picture
  20. 2019 GT350R ..Questions

    Greetings from KR452