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  1. NACA brake cooling duct project

    Well I'm a little slow but here's a photo... finally :)
  2. What do you think about GT/Ecoboost/V6 Mustangs with stripes? Poseurish? Tacky?

    Where did you get the side rocker panel Mustang stripes? Or those stock Ford, or something else?
  3. What do you think about GT/Ecoboost/V6 Mustangs with stripes? Poseurish? Tacky?

    As others have said, it's yours, do what you want. I've got an EcoBoost and think the silver/gray stripe available as a stock option match the blue perfectly - slightly subdued while a nice touch... white would be too "loud"for me. I personally think a plain-Jane Mustang with no emblems or...
  4. She's thirsty.

    7 mph on the track is pretty dang slow :)
  5. Air Pressure Changes Steering Bias?

    +1. I would rate myself a "novice-intermediate" driver with something like 15 days experience gained on 5 different tracks at this point in time. I run the Firehawk Indy 500 tires in 274/40r18 and found if I start the day at the normal 32 psi cold they will heat up to 37-38 degrees and seem to...
  6. Looking to get myself back into a mustang. Have a big question about the ecoboosts

    Usually, but not always. The stock EB airbox has been shown to actually be quite effective and flow more than enough air than needed for even aggressive tunes, which renders a CAI to be an extraneous extra on an EB. I have the conservative Ford Performance tune with the stock airbox. There's a...
  7. NACA brake cooling duct project

    No photos but I'll take some within the next week and post 'em here. The scoops are located a little bit inboard of where the deflectors catch air and don't quite line up to direct the airflow completely and directly onto the deflectors. The scoops have about 2-3" of tunnel going up into the...
  8. First Track Day Prep and Expectations

    Great sticky! Not mentioned yet: board to put your jack and jackstand(s) on; most tracks take a very dim view of your jack sinking into the hot paddock asphalt after using it to raise your car.
  9. NACA brake cooling duct project

    Update after running at Sebring this week. I kept the NACA ducts while ditching the hose routing (with all of its twists and turns that certainly restricted much of the airflow) and had the ducts direct airflow directly to Vorshlag air deflectors pushing the flow to the rotors. I also installed...
  10. Sebring Tips?

    Thank you - I've heard it is a rough track, and thanks for the tip on turn 5, the type of thing I'm looking to know. I would have considered picking an instructor for my first time there to shorten the learning curve, but I was gifted a TNiA in October and there are no in-vehicle instructors at...
  11. Do Not Buy A Used car!!!!!

    Yeah the used car market prices are crazy now... However, I also own a boat that I bought used last year. 2002 model Sea Ray cruiser and today I can sell it for dang near twice what I paid for it in April of 2020. The boat market is even more Insane.
  12. PP Dust Shields and Brake Pads

    Benny, if you have not already shipped, I may have another part to include in the shipment. I'll send you a PM asking for info.
  13. PP Dust Shields and Brake Pads

    Ordered and done. Thank you as always!
  14. PP Dust Shields and Brake Pads

    Hi Benny, I need the small PP front brake dust shields; I think the part #s are: FR3Z-2K005-H and 2K004_H Also a full set of all four Stock GT brake pads (2017 GT). Do you have these; and what would be the price to ship to 33573? Thanks!
  15. Sebring Tips?

    I plan to run Sebring for the first time this year and am looking for tips regarding negotiating the course - especially gotchas/wrong lines to be careful of, etc. Any insight would help, thanks! FYI, novice/intermediate driver with nine track days under my belt at Texas World Speedway...
  16. NACA brake cooling duct project

    ...checking back in on my original post here. The hoses didn't last long and were way too kinked; I am not sure they ever did much good. I am now converting to what some of you have done with the tunnels while keeping my NACA scoops. I bought a set of Vorshlag oversized deflectors and will see...
  17. What can we do for You?

    Thanks and ordered!