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  1. 2020 GT500 Total Units Built - By Color

    Sorry to revive an old thread but we are trying to figure out how rare the color combo on my dads car is. He has a non cftp kona blue with painted on white stripes.
  2. 2022 GT500 at MSRP

    This time last year I got lucky and found my base car at msrp. Sold it and was looking for a 2021. Called a ton of dealers trying to locate a 21 base car with handleling pack and tech pack and lowest ADM I could find was 7500. Funny enough I found a track pack car an hour away that I was able to...
  3. R888R Help me decide on what size

    I havnt made the decision yet just because im still waiting for my ucal and cant drive the car until its tuned. I think im leaning towards 315 all around.
  4. R888R Help me decide on what size

    Ya thats what scares me. Im leaning toawards 315/30 on all 4.
  5. R888R Help me decide on what size

    Thats the problem the dont have the stock size for the front with r888r. So i either have to go with a 305/30 which is taller. 285/35 which is not as wide. 315/30 which is wider. Noise im not concerned with the car is catless so i doubt i will hear them that much haha.
  6. R888R Help me decide on what size

    so would the consensus be put the stock 315/30 out back and 305/35 up front? Or 315/30 front and rear?
  7. R888R Help me decide on what size

    Are you running the stock tires up front? I want to do track days as well as drag strip stuff. I didnt know if running two different kinds of tires at the same time would make it handle oddly.
  8. R888R Help me decide on what size

    I want to go with R888R tires and I want to do them front and rear. Rear im going with a 325/30 but the front they do not offer a 305/30 rather a 305/35 which would make the front tire taller. I could do a 285/35 and be about the same height as the 325/30 rear but I would lose some width. Could...
  9. Toyo R888R

    Is it ok to do that on stock wheels or are the stock wheels staggered?
  10. New 2020 GT500 Poor Quality Work From Ford

    rapid red/ruby red are 3 stage colors and hard to match. Plastic takes paint a little different than metal. My 2019 rapid red f150 front bumper was 2 different colors because the pad was plastic and the bar was metal. I see it all the time from all the manufactures.
  11. Toyo R888R

    Do they make a 295 for the front or only a 285?
  12. Trying for 900whp.... need insight on mods.

    I completely forgot to mention I also have a 2.65 for pump gas. I think I am going to go to a 2.75 for pump gas so I can take it to the road course still on pump and generate less heat. If it makes anywhere in the 870-900 on e85 I will be very happy! Thanks for the advice!
  13. Trying for 900whp.... need insight on mods.

    I have already purchased the stuff listed, I couldnt pass it up. I got everything on the list for 3k, hell just the id1300s are almost 2k new. Im just not ready to drop another 3k on top of the current parts atm. Im building a turbo busa and its currently eating my shorts on money lol.
  14. Trying for 900whp.... need insight on mods.

    I thought there was plenty of fuel with just rails and injectors for the 900 range on e85?? Im not against porting it just if I were to port it right now I may as well do the whipple intercooler, throttle body, and port all at the same time. But then im another 3k or more in it. I got all of...
  15. Trying for 900whp.... need insight on mods.

    haha its all good man!
  16. Trying for 900whp.... need insight on mods.

    This is on a 2020 gt500 with the dct. The stock clutches should hold the power pretty easily. I will go to r888s here soon. Its mainly going to be just fun hits on the street. Might hit the drag strip once or twice.
  17. Trying for 900whp.... need insight on mods.

    So I landed some deals on slightly used take off parts for a car thats going twin turbo. I want to to try for 900whp area on e85 without porting the blower if possible. Would this list get me there or do I need more parts? Also im not chasing the number specifically I just want to be in the area...
  18. Lethal race pipes no longer available?

    I was watching that last night. They are trying to make race cars a thing of the past it seems. I cant believe how hard they are going at tuning shops. All the more reason to get my parts and get tuned asap I suppose.