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  1. 5 years old,5th service @20k plugs?

    I use: Motul 660 brake fluid Red Line 50104 diff Royal Purple 1512 Synchromax trans NGK LTRIX-11 plugs Ford Performance FL820 oil filter Motorcraft FR3Z-19N619-A cabin filter Millers Alpine coolant AP22U & APU16U wipers It felt a bit smoother shifting but the oil looked dirty and had specks in...
  2. 5 years old,5th service @20k plugs?

    This is what I've done: Oil/filter after first 1k miles and then every year. Cabin filter yearly. Brake fluid before 4% moisture. Trans and diff I did around 20k miles - from the colour and contents it definitely needed doing. Plugs I changed around 20k, I wanted to check the gaps and thought I...
  3. Drake Muscle Cars 550R Aluminum Strut Tower Brace for 2015-2017 Mustangs

    No one does so it seems a wasted opportunity to 1 up your competitors.
  4. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    I use the CTEK bluetooth battery monitor too, I also use a CTEK charger to keep it topped up as my car doesn't like being left unused while I'm wrenching on it, especially in winter when it takes weeks to get anything done.
  5. Factory Alarm

    Anyone else see the thread title and think OP was doing some midnight shopping ? :bandit:
  6. Will The Exports / Euros Also Lose 10 hp ... ?

    Are US Mustangs being fitted with a GPF ? On the Gen2 the power loss was from the headers, I assume the gen3 is down to the headers and EU GPF ?
  7. 2022 Mustang Mach 1

    All my communication (phone/email) on MY16 GT was through the sales guy. Is there a limit number and you're hoping to get one of the allocations ?
  8. Mach 1 up for £75k 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Someone needs to tell Clive that just because we want American cars it doesn't mean we also want the American dealer mark ups :thumbsdown:
  9. UK modification & tuner shops

    CS make some of the ugliest and overpriced Mustangs I've seen. I wouldn't just be slapping on a supercharger without some prior handling and driving mods, you'll just end up another Mustang crowd killer.
  10. New owner, some questions :)

    That Mach 1 sounds nice 😁 Will it pass an MOT ?
  11. New owner, some questions :)

    ahahaha I still remember the kid at school running out the science lab after going to hotmale 😂
  12. Manual Gearbox

    An electric test would make the test easier and cheaper - aint no one gonna want it to be called an auto license 😂
  13. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    I'm still slogging away, got my wheels powder coated and have sent a LOAD of other parts to be powder coated too 😁
  14. New owner, some questions :)

    Manual or auto and what options did you get ? 😁 GT101 are based in Essex Can the GPF on the 2018+ even be removed yet ?
  15. Rusting bodywork

    Rust is just a sign you need more carbon fiber :like:
  16. The UK S550 "spotted" thread

    Today White pre-facelift GT with blue stripes in Stevenage by Tesco around 14:30
  17. Manual Gearbox

    But the alternative was the 6R80 😂
  18. GT500KR

    Shelby American is proud to announce the 3rd generation Shelby GT500KR! Based on the world class Ford Shelby GT500, the KR will boast 900+ horsepower, forged wheels, upgraded suspension, carbon fiber body components, and an updated interior. The GT500KR is extremely limited, only 60 unites will...
  19. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    Been a while since I posted, as usual my plans have snowballed. So currently my car is on jacks with no wheels, no exhaust, no driveshaft, no front bumper, no oil cooler, no air intake and with a fair few other bits missing. It all started with fitting a QA1 carbon fiber driveshaft, this turned...
  20. Manual Gearbox

    With the rising costs of cars, fuel, taxes and insurance, and with the government cracking down on noise, emissions and modding, buying a new performance car is going to be difficult to justify owning. I believe this is one of the reasons why older performance cars from the 90s to early 2000s...