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  1. New Mach 1 Comparison Reviews: vs GT (CarExpert) and BMW M4 (Everyday Driver)

    I got mine without the handling package, but only because it wasn't available at the time and I didn't want to wait. In the mean time I ordered a knock off GT350 spoiler for 100 bucks that looks identicle, I will buy a set of the HP rims for 1k, and might spend 300 bucks getting even better...
  2. Who’s Ordered a 2022?

    Wasn't that "Nitrous blue"?
  3. Almost traded in my Mach 1

    Holy crap, it just occured to me that now that the Army is shipping my mach to me in Germany, I can totally take it on the NĂĽrburgring!
  4. Almost traded in my Mach 1

    Obviously based on the forum we are in I support your choice lol, but not going to lie, that Lotus is one beautiful car!
  5. The gripe thread (Mach 1 vs GT350, GT, etc)

    I will say that I experienced issues on their RS engines and the same thing seems to be happening to their 5.2 liter engines, other than this one post I have never heard of any systemic issues with the coyote 5.0, OG 5.0, and really (other than it just kind of being a mediocre power plant) their...
  6. The gripe thread (Mach 1 vs GT350, GT, etc)

    Oh man, it really is like my Focus RS all over again... To make it even worse the defensiveness caused by choice-supportive bias caused the RS forums to become straight toxic.
  7. The gripe thread (Mach 1 vs GT350, GT, etc)

    Yeah... I mean I'm not thrilled if coyote engines are getting replaced and to be honest if it happened to me again in another Ford, this would probably be my last one, but I have seen WAAAY too many threads with popped voodoos with less than 5k miles on them.
  8. Help with US Mach 1 in EU *Solved*

    Thank you for your support!
  9. Help with US Mach 1 in EU *Solved*

    If I had been smarter and no so desperate for a way to get to work, I would have purchased through Military Auto Sales. I got a quote through them and it would have been like 5K cheaper and tax free... Oh well at least I didn't pay over MSRP. The problem is they would have shipped the car to...
  10. Help with US Mach 1 in EU *Solved*

    I don't love that those just seem to sit on your paint and since it is magnetic will probably shift around slightly.
  11. Help with US Mach 1 in EU *Solved*

    Stow-N-Show were really accommodating when I reached out to them. If I were just using a US front plate I found cheap Chinese made options that screw directly into the front tow threading. I figure if the Stow-N-Show thing doesn't work out I will just use a grinder to take off the US plate...
  12. Help with US Mach 1 in EU *Solved*

    Hey, thanks for the help! Just wanted you to know that contacting Stow-N-Show turned out to be the solution. They will modify their set up to accommodate euro plates free of charge and were even friendly enough to hook me up with a 15% military discount that I didn't even ask for!
  13. Help with US Mach 1 in EU *Solved*

    I understand Shelby warrantees not being honored in the EU due to them not being sold here, but the Mach 1 had a global launch, right? A dealer here should honor the warrantee. I can't imagine they wouldn't just because of different gearing. Man... I didn't even see this problem coming. I...
  14. Help with US Mach 1 in EU *Solved*

    I thought that they are currently selling Mach 1s here? I do actually care about the environment, I just wish that the technology for E-fuels would hurry and catch up so I could enjoy my hobby guilt free. On top of that I wouldn't envy having to refuel my car here without my esso card.
  15. Another 2020 engine failure

    I actually wanted a GT350 for friggin years and after 13 years in the Army I am now at a rank where I am making the kind cash to comfortably purchase a higher end car. The heartbreaker was when I started looking through the threads and they looked hauntingly similar to the RS threads. The "check...
  16. Help with US Mach 1 in EU *Solved*

    Ha ha I am already wondering if people will make offers to buy it. They sell in the EU, but since mine is US spec it comes with the torsen rear diff and 373s. It's an interesting idea... But I have no idea how PPF sticks to PPF? If it sticks too well... That would kind of defeat the perpose...
  17. Another 2020 engine failure

    The issue? Oh it was many more than a single issue... Mine was a 2017 (stealth gray, still my all-time favorite color car) I put over 50k miles on it when I sold it, and to be honest it was because a ford rep came up to me and practically begged me to sell it because his buddy had been looking...
  18. Another 2020 engine failure

    As an RS owner up until very recently I feel you. I loved the car but after so many visits to the dealer I just wanted something that I could be confident wouldn't leave me stranded at some point. Also after the warrantee ended and the free work stopped I got one bill and sold it ASAP.
  19. Help with US Mach 1 in EU *Solved*

    Everyone here either drills their cars, mounts them over the air intake points by securing them to weak plastic, or else just doesn't import their car and buys one here and sells it before they leave. There just arnt as many "Car people" as there used to be. Won't lie... I'll prob just buy the...
  20. The gripe thread (Mach 1 vs GT350, GT, etc)

    I was really contemplating getting a GT350 instead of the Mach especially after reading all the rave carmag reviews for the GT350 and all the, "Well the Mach 1 is great and all, but it will never be the Shelby GT350" reviews. Luckily I went to the forums and saw all the exploding engine threads...