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  1. 600R FathouseFab opinions

    Our warranty is a one year warranty on any parts and work we did. Our warranty is not a continuation of the full bumper to bumper factory warranty. No aftermarket performance company provides that. So no don't bring us your car for a 600R as a way to address you oil consumption issues.
  2. Trouble finding oil filter

    Its the steel core that is the most importance. We have had 2 cars that had the FL2062 in them and lost oil pressure due to the filter sucking in on itself once the plastic core gave way. Luckily both of the cars had MoTeC ECUs in them and had oil pressure safety strategies and shut the engine...
  3. Trouble finding oil filter

    I got wind of this when I was doing a restock order early on. I had my ford parts guy start snagging up all he could from dealers in the states surrounding us. That lasted us most of the shortage, but I'm down to 7 and I'm getting nervous. I hope they release some soon as I have not been able...
  4. World's Quickest & Fastest GT350 1/4 Mile | 7.58 @ 187 MPH

    This was the beard before the run... And after!!!
  5. 2020 GT350R Heritage Build Thread (Heavy Build)

    That's about as nice as you can do it using the QL-50 kit and the stud that it comes with it. Hopefully no frying pans were harmed in the making of this.:) You have to spend a lot of time dialing in the adjustment to get it where the latch closes and releases nice. That's what cool about the...
  6. 2020 GT350R Heritage Build Thread (Heavy Build)

    $399 is for both of 2 lower pieces that bolt to the vehicle. You will still need to purchase the QL-50 hood pin kit. You will just not use the studs that come with the kit QL-50 kit.
  7. Who's had a clutch slave cylinder failure?

    Putting a vacuum on the reservoir pulls the air out
  8. GT350/R Track Videos

    Air strip, not a track....but still some cool WOT action.
  9. Trailering

    We use the over the tire E-track straps from Mac's straps. Mac's over the tire kit These are way easier to hook up as you don't have to try and reach under the car. Not to mention no scuffed rims or tweaked suspension components. Also since its going over the tire the cars stay nice a tight...
  10. Shelby GT350 meet and greet 2021 in NW Indiana.

    We will be attending the Artomobilia car show on Saturday August 28th at the Carmel arts & design district. We will have a booth setup and several cars on display. This is a really cool car show as they shutdown the downtown area and have 100's of cars. Here is the link to the event page for...
  11. Shelby GT350 meet and greet 2021 in NW Indiana.

    Indy Airstrip Attack Here is our 202 MPH pass in the 1600R
  12. Shelby GT350 meet and greet 2021 in NW Indiana.

    Here is a couple of pics of our widebody 1200R. I got a 190 MPH run in it today.
  13. Shelby GT350 meet and greet 2021 in NW Indiana.

    Couple more pics of the 1600
  14. Shelby GT350 meet and greet 2021 in NW Indiana.

    Couldn't of asked for better weather this weekend out here
  15. Shelby GT350 meet and greet 2021 in NW Indiana.

    Bumping this post^ This 1/2 mile event is this coming Saturday and Sunday
  16. Leaky MagnaRide shocks?

    Disregard, just caught where you said front.
  17. Leaky MagnaRide shocks?

    Was it the right rear? If so its likely it wasn't the shock. That is where the rear axle vent runs over to. We have had to make a separate catch can for any of the cars that get raced regularly or ran at high MPH
  18. GT350 Dual Pump in 2015 Mustang GT

    Btw you will need to add a fuel filter. The single pump has the filter built into the fuel pump assembly. On factory twin pump cars they are equipped with a fuel filter inline. The nice way to do it would be to get a hold of the factory feed tubes from and filter from a GT350. If you didn't...