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  1. 900+ Horsepower Shelby GT500KR Revealed to Celebrate Shelby American's 60th Anniversary

    From what I have been told, the 2022's are close to being (if not already) spoken for. I would encourage any of you interested to act fast and get on the list soon.
  2. Brittany Blue

    I agree, and exactly why I am asking. I would hope it would be the same paint code, as I like the '67 in the pictures better than I like the '22.
  3. Brittany Blue

    I know there have already been a few threads on the 2022 HE GT500, but they all seemed to get hi-jacked. As many have asked, I too am curious about the actual "blueness" of the Brittany Blue? @Epiphany , when your contact saw the color at the media event what did he think? Is the color closer...
  4. Painted Black Roof with Stripes

    My Bad! Grey03 that is so clean
  5. Painted Black Roof with Stripes

    Thanks Evolvd. I think I like yours better without too! rp930, Killer looking car. It was silver that I was wanting to see the black roof on, and yours is super nice! Thanks guys.
  6. Well, a new GT500 is coming home tomorrow

    Congratulations! Great color choice. Enjoy!
  7. Painted Black Roof with Stripes

    I am actually asking for what your car appears to be Tom. A painted black roof, with vinyl stripes on the hood and the rear decklid.
  8. Painted Black Roof with Stripes

    How many of these are out there? Especially on lighter colored cars. If you have one, can you please post pictures? Looking for ideas....
  9. Jmeo's 2020 Shelby American GT500 SE Wide Body Build

    Contrary... the wheels are what make this car! (But thatt may just be an "Old Guys Rule" thing!)
  10. Jmeo's 2020 Shelby American GT500 SE Wide Body Build

    Or it has spent some time at a truck stop (or something else!) just north of Vegas... with something funky going on in the back seats? It is Nevada...
  11. What is Looks like when you rip apart you Brand New 2021 Shelby GT500 :-) ----------

    Are you doing the paint yourself? Excited to see the actual process. Keep us informed!
  12. Finally did it...

    Ron, Thanks for all of your help and advice. Much appreciated.
  13. Finally did it...

    Congratulations on yours! At least you are getting to drive and experience yours...
  14. 2021 GT500 Registry - Post your info here

    M5500633 M0936
  15. Finally did it...

    Well after months of back and forth, and a LOT of DM's with several Forum members; I finally secured my Shelby GT 500! A little back-story first before the details. In March I started really getting the fever for one of these cars. I had spent hours upon hours watching videos and learning...
  16. Track Attack July 15-16

    Excited to follow this thread today...
  17. Christmas In July!

    Wow... That thing looks so good! Ties in with the dash great! Good deal for all involved.
  18. 2020 Magnetic CFTP on the way !

    Man, That is SHARP! Congratulations and Enjoy!
  19. My new GT500 has arrived...

    Congratulations... Awesome looking ride!