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  1. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    He was on the GW Parkway...
  2. 350R NA build

    You have a 19, no reason for the Steeda clutch spring.
  3. Considering sending my baby to Hennessey Performance

    295s are Shelby front tires...
  4. New Mexico P51 Wheels R Spec

    To a very satisfied customer, by the way...
  5. Any one using Ford Performance Cobra Jet Tie Downs with Steeda Jacking Rails on S550?

    The difference in height is not noticeable, and does not effect jacking or the use of jack stands. A propane torch and ball peen hammer allow you to flatten the bracket. Then, putting it in place with the rail, mark for the new bend. A vice comes in handy to hold it while you heat and create the...
  6. Any one using Ford Performance Cobra Jet Tie Downs with Steeda Jacking Rails on S550?

    The front plates use the same holes as the rails. I flattened the front plates, then re-bent them to clear the rail. The plates are sandwiched between the rails and the mounting holes.
  7. Which hood struts did you buy?

    I've used Redline elites for years. Had them on my 03 Cobra, have them on my 14 Explorer Sport, and now on the 350. Good product that lasts a long time.
  8. Tie down points for GT350R?

    Another in the M-1700 camp. It all depends on what you prefer, and are comfortable with.
  9. Battery charging

    Deltran makes a good product, I've used them for years. But, recently (last 10 years) I've been using the CTek products. I like that they will charge a dead battery which the Deltran will not do.
  10. Northern Virginia Mustang Owners: Best shop to do suspension work?

    OP, Don't know what area you are in, so I will make a couple suggestions. You've already been to Excessive. Chris is a good guy and did the tune on my 03 Cobra. Another reference for suspension in Manassas is Convenience Tire & Auto run by Tim with his lead tech. That recommendation comes from...
  11. New supercharger kit from Hamburger's Superchargers premiering at SEMA!

    I wasn't making a compliment. Ed and his spinoff SLP never had interest in Ford, until Camaro sales tanked. Moot point since Hedmans owns Hamburgers now anyway. Other companies will get my business.
  12. New supercharger kit from Hamburger's Superchargers premiering at SEMA!

    Hamburgers, solidly in the Chevy camp for 50 years...
  13. Pilot bearing removal?

    The old school solutions work great, on the old style solid brass bearings. On the newer roller bearings, not so much. Use a puller on the roller style.
  14. New Mexico P51 Wheels, R spec

    Charlie, PMed you about the rims. Thx, Fred
  15. Daily driving with beadlocks in the rear?

    OP, you might want to check your local laws first. Some areas do not allow beadlocks on the street. The 4x4 guys run into this issue.
  16. Trouble finding oil filter

    The FL 820 is a spin on filter, and is incorrect for the later 350s that use cartridge style filters.
  17. 30 vs 35 profile tires - Michelin 4S

    OP, I understand that you want the Michelins. However, I chose to go with Continentals DWs. I'm running 325/30/19s on the stock 11" rims, no issues.
  18. Gurney flap - check your spoiler!

    I wouldn't use loctite on those. Even just blue might cause the threaded inserts to break loose and turn. YMMV
  19. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Dave, My then 4 year old daughter cried when I sold my 95 Lightning. But, forgave me and giggled every time she heard the supercharger whine on my 03 Cobra... Better reaction than her older brother.
  20. Trailering

    OP, I have Steeda's jacking rails on mine. If you go that way, you will have to make allowance because the front plates use the same holes for mounting. Measure the front plates, flatten them, then re-bend to clear the rail. The rear plates install as in the picture.