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  1. *WANTED* 19-20 GT350R (Orange fury preferred) Wrapper car, low mileage

    He ya go. I also might know where there is a ‘19 R white with blue stripes thats is PPF and has 2600 miles that the owner would consider an offer in the same range.
  2. Debating between GT350R and ZL1 1LE. Thoughts?

    I was in the same boat as you almost exactly 1 year ago. As most have said, go drive both and see which one you prefer. The cars compete in the same segment but achieve different driving experiences. The bowtie has the power and will scoot around a track quicker. It can also be found at a...
  3. 2020 GT350R Carbon Fiber wing paint defect

    The R rear wing is notorious for having bad paint quality. Part of the problem is the carbon material the wing is made from. It’s not the traditional weave pattern that we all crave, it’s the carbon composite that is used on the radiator support. I had my R wing completely paint corrected. Color...
  4. GT350R spoiler/wing paint defects

    Thanks guys. I ended up having to do a serious paint correction
  5. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Just a good bath
  6. GT350R spoiler/wing paint defects

    Yea mine has terrible swirls. It looks like they were clear coated over as well.
  7. GT350R spoiler/wing paint defects

    Hey guys, I’m curious if anyone out there has or had an issue of really bad swirl marks on their R spoiler from the factory? I just notice my spoiler has some crazy swirls in it. To be clear this is not from washing the car.
  8. Anderson Composites GT500 Hood for GT350

    I’m in. Like raz said though.
  9. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    There actually the same as the HE just installed better. They came from bemaro films
  10. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Added some side stripes
  11. Took delivery of a new 2019 gt350r last night. Here's how it showed up...

    This is terrible, just horrific. You would never see Porsche send a car out to a customer like this. Not even a base cayman or even a boxer back in the day would go to a customer like this. And here we are with a Shelby GT350R being delivered in terrible shape. Carroll Shelby is rolling over in...

    It shows it as 2020 “R” listed for $65k
  13. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Put these bad boys on today.
  14. ALL GT350/GT350R LEADS, ALLOCATIONS, DEPOSITS [READ FIRST POST] Insane deal if it’s real.
  15. Owners that started GT350 then upgraded to GT350R...

    Great car. SVassh I believe you beat me to the car by a day, did you get it at platinum ford?
  16. SoCal Shelbys cruise May 16.

    It’s on the SoCal Shelby’s IG page. Their going from Norwalk to San diego
  17. SoCal shelbys cruise May 16

    Anyone going on the SoCal shelbys cruise this Saturday?
  18. SoCal Shelbys cruise May 16.

    Is anyone joining SoCal Shelbys this weekend for their cruise from Norwalk to San Diego?