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  1. 2015 Z28

    Good point: This was a source of countless threads on the Z/28 board. The consensus was 50/50 on whether GM addressed the "valve guide" issue on the late LS7s. Many of the guys posted they definitely found movement when checked. Katech, pretty much the aftermarket authority, warned it was...
  2. 2015 Z28

    I hear you -- amazing how fast a thread can go off topic with "what's faster/it'll crush it" type BS. If you're interest is in a special car with a TON of character and VERY limited production than the Z/28 is for you. This is no pronouncement on what is faster, etc... it's simple -- the...
  3. 2015 Z28

    I owned and tracked a 2015 Z/28 for two years. As with my GT350 it was purchased with the sole reason to track. I would like another one. To me -- perfect car to complement the GT350. I found the Z/28 much more reliable in every way than then my GT350. If I had to choose one over the other...
  4. Convert gt350 to gt350r exhaust

    OEM is 2.75" and not a common size or easy to find in "high quality" when buying short lengths on a eBay or Amazon. I paid $37.95 per foot for 9 feet of 316 in August in New Jersey from an Industrial supplier. (16 gauge) 6 feet is more than enough to get the job done. I wanted to retain the...
  5. Mach 1 "floaty" feeling

    OP: I will add my .02 here. My GT350 in normal mode does indeed have a strange "floaty-wallowy" feel that I have come to accept due to the mageride dampers. My car has FP lowering springs and the recommended track alignment. (i.e. it is not related to the steering) My personal opinion is...
  6. Anyone trade their GT350R for a Cayman GT4?

    Whatever you do... never sell the S2000. Amazing little cars.
  7. Anyone trade their GT350R for a Cayman GT4?

    Thanks for the link to the FP350S -- that is one heck of a deal. Think for a minute if Ford could justify putting together a assembly line Porsche has with the freedom to create cars they could sell for 150k +++. Love it!
  8. Ford Performance Racing School car #17

    I was just thinking the same thing. How many of these went to homes that already had a GT350? Most? All?
  9. Anyone trade their GT350R for a Cayman GT4?

    I hear ya, but.... those under 55k cars don't have a 5.2 VooDoo that makes 526HP, Tremec Gear Box, Torsen differential and 15.5 inch rotors with 6-piston Brembo calipers.
  10. Anyone trade their GT350R for a Cayman GT4?

    Well, you certainly bought the right car for you. Enjoy. a. A 101k base MSRP vs 55k base MSRP really shouldn't be compared. b. Technology from 2017 and 2021 really shouldn't be compared. c. Sports cars = laps times. Maybe compare 2021 GT500 and a 2021 GT4?? Quality of fitment & panels...
  11. Anyone trade their GT350R for a Cayman GT4?

    THIS! In every aspect.
  12. Best paint correction central nj
  13. Trustworthy Tire and Alignment Shop in Eastern PA

    Start with Specialty Cars in Allentown for a "recommendation". It is a Porsche (air-cooled) shop only, but the owner, Mark, is accostommed to working on cars of outrageous value and would steer you in the right direction. Start there as you are local. I am also ask a good friend who lives in...
  14. 17 GT350 rear suspension mods

    Absolutely - and I didn't mean to come off harsh so apologies there... And the funny thing is that how many times have we heard "not using it as a track car" but once they go a time or two that is exactly what it becomes -- full on track! :cwl:
  15. 17 GT350 rear suspension mods

    For the OP who admittedly wrote only a "street car" and "nothing track focused"???
  16. California GT350 Pilot Cup 2s for sale

    I calculated on Fedex's site LA to NJ -- it was over $100 per tire. Florida will be similar.
  17. Resonator Delete

    Yeah -- pissing off the neighbors and scaring little children even more than before!
  18. Flushing Differential Cooler

    Thanks for this post -- you are 100% correct and I am glad I read it this morning before reaching out yet again to the dealership. I and still covered under Ford power-train and also have a 100% bumper to bumper warranty/service contract (sold to me by the dealer) and don't think it want to...
  19. Flushing Differential Cooler

    We're on the same page -- the instructions for flushing is for a service only. In my case the diff failed and I believe the cooler should be replaced.
  20. Flushing Differential Cooler

    In giving some thought to your reply ... I believe the flush instructions you posted are to make sure to get out all the old fluid for a general service and NOT a flush to make certain any metal contaminants are left deposited in the cooler. This brings me back to my concern -- metal...