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  1. 2015 Mustang V6 Exhaust Sound Clip Thread

    has anyone kept the stock resonantors and added a x or h pipe on an s550? currently have the Roush AB and BBK Shorties, I love the rumble but I want it to be a little louder. Problem is I dont want to make the car sound raspy in the higher rpm range by replacing the resonantor with a midpipe so...
  2. custom h pipe?

    has anyone ever welded a custom h pipe right before the resonantor after the cats like this? want the low gurgle of an h pipe without the raspiness in the higher rpm range, has anyone ever tried something similar?
  3. Does anyone have this exhaust setup? (Roush AB, BBK shorties with H pipe)

    does anyone have this exhaust setup on their 3.7l? just ordered the MRT GT H pipe from CJ Pony Parts for my current setup, BBK shorties and Roush AB...