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  1. CFTP vs Base Car Cover

    The cover will fit for sure. Tob has proven it with his base cover and G4 wing. I switched to the CFTP cover when I got the wing and I appreciate the extra material, but as I said, the base cover will fit like a t-shirt after your “freshman 40”.
  2. PowerStop Z26 Rear Ceramic Brake Pads Are Available

    My pads have shipped already. Sweet.
  3. Power stop low dust break pads

    My pads shipped :clap:
  4. Power stop low dust break pads

    These are the correct pads. Fronts are much different. The rears use the pins, the fronts don’t. Edit: I just noticed you are all set:thumbsup:
  5. Painted Carbon Vented Fenders on GT500

    I’m of the same mindset. There is going to me pebbles and crap flying outta those vents like crazy. If I’m being honest, I do not like the look of them either. They can definitely serve a purpose for track use, but they are not for me. I suppose that’s why we have options, we are all different.
  6. PowerStop Z26 Rear Ceramic Brake Pads Are Available

    I ordered my set at 0700 this morning. I didn’t see your reply before I posted mine…… looking forward to getting them.
  7. Power stop low dust break pads

    Well, I got my email from RockAuto today that the rear ceramic brake pads are available. I went ahead and placed my order. Looking forward to having a matching set now.
  8. Opinions on carbon fiber or not?

    I have carbon almost everywhere except the rear deck lid and the front bumper insert. To me it flows way better keeping everything between the headlight/taillights black. You can't get carbon headlight/taillight assemblies, and to me stick on overlays aren't an option. This is your battle, but...
  9. Question about the Rain Tray

    I also did that while in Myrtle Beach forMustang Week. I took it easy on the hood when spraying, and had the same outcome. Very little water, just as l got driving and parking in the rain.
  10. Question about the Rain Tray

    There is zero doubt that more heat escapes with the rain tray removed. There is zero doubt the hood lifts a lot less with the rain tray removed. In my personal experience being caught in a heavy rain, and then leaving the car in said heavy rain, after stopping for several hours, only left me...
  11. Question about the Rain Tray

    A quick look in my camera roll gave me these to share. Unfortunately I didn't find any looking towards the open vent. Obviously, pay no attention to my side vents, although they help quite a bit more releasing heat.
  12. Question about the Rain Tray

    I also removed mine almost from day one and never looked back. I have been caught while driving in down pouring rain, and parked for hours in down pouring rain and could hardly tell under the hood. I appreciate the less hood lift/shaking, and the BTU’s pouring out of the vents is never a bad thing.
  13. Tire question for anyone driving their car in colder weather.

    Unless you can fill this, you can't talk on the subject............
  14. *** Odd Photo Request ***

    I knew it!
  15. *** Odd Photo Request ***

    What he is saying is the link you provided brings us to the CO of his car. He is not the guy on Fakebook. Sorry for answering for you Tob
  16. *** Odd Photo Request ***

    I will add….. not exactly the kind of photo I was expecting, after reading the title…… Nonetheless, if the CO I have will help you, shoot me a PM and I’ll dig it out for you.
  17. *** Odd Photo Request ***

    Yes, I was referring to pre-title. My salesman got the duplicate before I even showed up to do the paperwork, because he knew I would want the original CO to keep. He used the duplicate to register the car, and I have the original. Unfortunately someone at the dealership wrote their inventory...
  18. 2020 GT500 Beith custom steering wheel

    To be completely honest, I do not know who makes them, or where they are made. The work is top notch, and I am supporting a friend’s business, so that’s always been good enough for me. I can appreciate your wanting to buy American 👍
  19. *** Odd Photo Request ***

    The dealer can get a duplicate. It‘s not the same as a photo copy, it’s exactly the same as the original CO, but says duplicate copy on it. My salesman (without me asking, or knowing) ordered a duplicate CO which he used to register the car, leaving me the original CO.
  20. 2020 GT500 Beith custom steering wheel

    Tim’s wheels are a work of art. He is a good friend who runs a great business, and also delivers exceptional customer service. Everybody wins!