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  1. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    waiting til wrong oil gets put in. jk
  2. The American Addiction to Speeding

    is it up to the judge? or is the court legally required to give you a deferral if you ask for it, assuming your record is clean? just curious
  3. The American Addiction to Speeding

    I assume prayer for judgement is a deferral, meaning doesnt hit the record if you pay the fines and dont get in trouble for a probationary amount of time. I rarely hear about those given out. Not even sure if my area gives them out.

    I didnt like 18+ mustangs, but this is how easily I am swayed, I think 18+ in gb the front end looks pretty damn sexy. but that mach 1 hits it for me. looks solid. if I was in the market, id totally get one. but if I ever get a new mustang by the time I can afford it, it'll probably be full...
  5. The American Addiction to Speeding

    Pull over? dontcha know you are supposed to move over and go 99mph instead of doing the speed limit? you are a hazard in speeder eyes, not them. I am being sarcastic, but I know some people here think that. oh and if you get pulled over, its not your fault, you was just flowing with traffic, and...
  6. Has anyone given thought to this monumental change that’s about to occur? In less than 2 years…

    I think concrete works in warm climates. Asphalt is more forgiving in winter and hot areas
  7. The American Addiction to Speeding

    Illegal because Supreme Court said so. I still believe that if you speed you should pay my whole principal is, if you let people break rules with no consequences it won’t stop just at speeding. We need to have punishments enforced everytime for everyone equally
  8. The American Addiction to Speeding

    People won’t speed then, I’d rather extreme control than people no fear of speeding imo I mean yeah, but if people back off speed limit 1-2mph they won’t get tickets
  9. Road rage incident

    look, im a motorcycle rider, I dont like people riding my butt while in a car or bike, but like, what? I would never throw something to cause them harm. honestly thats ridiculous and imo theres really not much worry to someone riding my ass, I just make sure I tap the break a little sooner than...
  10. The American Addiction to Speeding

    I guarantee you people have died from reckless speed that could of been avoided at slower speeds. yes, not everyone, but you cant say people havnt died im sure from free speed limits. not talking 1 person, im talking a wreck with multiple involved
  11. The American Addiction to Speeding

    that's not how ours was. we had a 11mph limit on the dayton/trotwood area for cameras and speeding. I still am not against it though, 1-5 you are fine, 6+ you can be ticketed imo is reasonable with cameras.
  12. Wiring guide for NON B&O premium audio systems. No LOC required.

    By disabling factory eq you turn off bass rolloff lc2i thouth, you add bass, so it can be called bass restoration in a way. I’ve used lc2i in other cars. It works fine. I’d rather real signal, vs creating a signal
  13. The American Addiction to Speeding

    I don’t know what the solution is, but we really need one, we just can’t let people go as fast as they want. People will die- and if someone does die. It shouldn’t be the person following the rules.
  14. The American Addiction to Speeding

    Cameras was here. for many years. People was mad about them, those who complained had tons of tickets. Like TONS. But those who was mad are those who ran red lights or got caught speeding. The red light system and speeding system, the red light gave you an extra second or two before snapping...
  15. The American Addiction to Speeding

    Use automated ticketing, we used to have vans and cameras, but they got rid of them.- Supreme Court says illegal but imo, those and red light cameras I appreciated- I’ve been tboned and had broken ribs at a light. People blow through with not a single care Lemme tell ya, when you saw a white...
  16. The American Addiction to Speeding

    I still don’t want to speed, I feel like a bad person breaking the limit with possibility of ticket since breaking the speed limit. People think because everyone else is doing it, it’s in fact acceptable. I think that’s wrong mentality. officer- why was you speeding? You-Everyone else was...
  17. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    in Alaska they charged you a one time fee of like 20 bucks for a persona plate, but in ohio, they charge you every year renewel+ they charge you the custom fee plate yearly as well. so doubles the fee, thats why I dont get a custom plate here. seems kind of a rip off.
  18. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    those plates are no longer allowed in my area, just read up a large "banned attempt plates" and a lot of them are like "bad EPA or bad mpg" "lolmpg" etc. theres a statement saying these are now not being allowed from ohio due to not wanting bad press from economic/policies. there was 800+ of...
  19. Drone footage of all the damaged Vettes from Kentucky tornados

    can they really not even take wheels/tires etc off? I get frames and stuff stamped but damn. employees could benefit from some new wheels.
  20. For all of you who were waiting for the 2022 configurator.

    you may be right. tell you what, I saw a mach e today when I left costco, it looked alright. nothing I want, but rocket league tossed a mach e in the game, and its badass looking. id drive my rocket league car lol if there was an option that looked like it. but I do believe the mach e and...