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  1. Any active duty Navy here?

    I am only looking to speak with active Navy directly. I am former Navy myself but want to understand the present climate.
  2. Any active duty Navy here?

    Shot in the dark. Any active duty Navy folks here? Have a son interested in joining would like to ask a few questions. PM me.
  3. Road rage incident

    I find when driving my Shelby folks just love to tailgate me or brake check in front of me, seems mainly guys in pickups. It's really tough not to loose your mind though. Takes me back to my teen years when my best friends Dad got into a road rage incident that quickly got out if hand. It ended...
  4. Question for the Community: Trade, Mod, or Stay Put

    What's Fathouse going to charge for the 800 kit, 20k or more? At that point you are instantly upside down in your car having invested far more than its actual used non warranty value. Any issue with the GT350 and your on your own no warranty. Apples to Apples while the 350 will have more rwhp...
  5. 2015 Z28

    Beautiful Z28, so much nicer looking than the present 6th Gen Camaro. I'd like to have one in my garage.
  6. North Carolina Roll Call!!!

    Here in the Outer Banks!
  7. Can we get a 5.2L V8 Predator Engine Mods & Bolt-Ons Sub-Forum?

    Moderators - Can we get something similar to the 5.2L V8 Voodoo Engine Mods & Bolt-Ons section found in the GT350 forum?
  8. Badass Shelby Cruise filmed in 360! (video)

    Pefect! Rapid Red.....
  9. Badass Shelby Cruise filmed in 360! (video)

    Great to see that the traffic was slowing way down for your group so you could safely pass doing the speed limit. :)
  10. New 2020 GT500 Forged Wheels - Velgen Wheels

    The wheels look perfect on the iconic silver car, great job.
  11. 900+ Horsepower Shelby GT500KR Revealed to Celebrate Shelby American's 60th Anniversary

    My very favorite wheels for the 500! red car. Really like the lower side stripe with GT500KR.
  12. For those of you who transitioned from GT350 --> GT500

    My recent cars that have been sold or traded in included an 04 Cobra, 12 GT, 13 Boss, and the 19 GT350. The only one I wish I would have kept to share garage space with my 500 is the Boss.
  13. For those of you who transitioned from GT350 --> GT500

    Came out of a 2019 GT350, really liked the car but hours after purchase I felt the car was under-powered. I actually think my prior 2013 Boss felt better acceleration wise. While handling, sound, and sportiness were great I couldn't get past the under-power thing. I was at a crossroad, modify...
  14. Stock and modified 2020 gt500s vs Tesla Plaid

    Plaid = who cares.
  15. Tire question for anyone driving their car in colder weather.

    This photo looks like another result of a Deer specifically targeting a Mustang, while the owner was just riding obeying the speed limits. :)
  16. Gas Prices [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Only another $1.00 to go to reach the plan.
  17. Tire question for anyone driving their car in colder weather.

    Not apples to apples but I would routinely drive my GT350 on Cup2's in cold weather high 30s - low 50s without any issues (only nice days no snow or ice), I wasn't hammering the car but slightly spirited drives. Never once did the car loose grip without me expecting it. I would think that the...
  18. Buying an ev

    I must say I am interested in an EV specifically the Mach E and the Tesla Y, due to increasing gas prices. This would strictly be my errand car. The problem I have is the cost. I'd love to know the manufacturing cost for lets say the Y as opposed to a Camry to justify nearly double the price.
  19. Shelby SE wheels and more black friday sale

    So tempting. These are my favorite aftermarket wheels. Just unsure about spending 4k on wheels so close to Christmas and with a shaky economy.
  20. COTA day 2 of 2: Advanced Solo Group - 2020 Shelby GT500 CFTP! Epic Chaos! (video)

    Thank you for posting this video and all of your hard work to produce these. I was really amazed on how hard the 500 pulled on some very fast vehicles. Are you all stock? You mentioned your buddy in the Base, how was his car doing and is he also stock?